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Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review

I’m super excited about my new pink pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies. I’ve seen this pencil sharpener touted as the “world’s best pencil sharpener” on pinterest for several years now.  To be honest, I doubted how this could be true.  After all, isn’t a pencil sharpener a pencil sharpener?

The answer to that question is a definite no!  My electric pencil sharpener broke at the end of last year, and I needed to think about a replacement.  I overheard Pam talking on Twitter about her pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  She highly recommended it, and I trust Pam.  So, off to the website I went for more details.  I soon found myself watching youtube videos of the pencil sharpener, and I decided I HAD to have one.

Troy, the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies (who is a teacher himself), offered to send me a free pencil sharpener in exchange for a review on my blog.  How kind!  And, he even let me pick the color.  Of course, I picked pink.  🙂

Full Disclosure: I received this product for free. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

For days, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my pencil sharpener.  Finally, one day, I got back home from working in my classroom at school, and it was sitting on my front porch.  Yay!

You’ll notice that I intentionally didn’t include my rather sad (read: dead) petunias in this pic.  Sigh.  A green thumb I do not have…

Inside the box, I found another box!

classroom friendly supplies pencil sharpener review

And, inside that box was my pretty, pink pencil sharpener.

classroom friendly supplies pencil sharpener review

I couldn’t wait to take out my pencil sharpener for a test drive.

classroom friendly supplies pencil sharpener review

Reasons People Hate Sharpening Pencils
* Too Loud
* Inconsistent Results
* Annoying to constantly have to pull out the pencil to check and see if it’s sharp enough yet
* You never know exactly when to empty the pencil sharpener

This sharpener fixes all these problems.  It’s quiet.  You can talk and sharpen at the same time.  It holds your pencil at a constant pressure which means you get consistently amazing results.  It stops sharpening your pencil at the perfect time.  You can’t over sharpen your pencil.  And, the drawer for the shavings is clear.  So, you (or your students!) will know exactly when to empty it.

I loved my first experience sharpening a pencil with my new pencil sharpener so much that I commemorated the event with a selfie!  Here’s me and the first pencil I sharpened with this awesome new sharpener.

classroom friendly supplies pencil sharpener review

Here’s my pencil sharpener in its new home on the window sill in my classroom.

classroom friendly supplies pencil sharpener review

So, you’re probably asking yourself what makes this pencil sharpener any different from a regular pencil sharpener.  I could tell you, but I’m going to do one better than that and show you.

Yes, I made a youtube video of me sharpening a pencil.  Thanks to Glen for sharing the trick for using a cup to hold your smart phone to film at #TMC14.  That came in super handy.

[If the youtube video isn’t embedded, click here to view.]

If you’ve never met me in person, I would say that this video pretty well captures my personality.  No wonder my students think I’m weird…  And, I apologize in advance for saying the word “pinch” weirdly.  This is really how I say the word.  I didn’t realize it was a weird way to say it until someone pointed it out at #TMC14 during my session on hexaflexagons and mobius strips.  Then, a student pointed it out when I was demonstrating how to use the pencil sharpener in class.  Surely, I can’t be the only person in the world who pronounces “pinch” this way…

Also – please ignore my sunburn.  I spent a few too many hours out in the sun at a car wash to raise money for prom.  And, my allergies have left me with this stupid annoying cough.  ‘

Ready to order your own pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies?

Now, if you don’t want to take my word for it, let me share my sister’s experience with this pencil sharpener.  She’s an art major, so she takes sharpening pencils VERY seriously.  When I told her that I had just got a new pencil sharpener in the mail, she automatically assumed that I had ordered an electric pencil sharpener.  When I shared that this was a hand crank pencil sharpener, she was not impressed.  Still I took it by my family’s business one afternoon while running errands to show it to my mom and sister.  Yes, I’m 24, and I still participate in show and tell.  🙂

I demonstrated the pencil sharpener, and my sister tried to act like it was nothing to get excited about.  But, she then proceeded to sharpen EVERY single pencil that she could get her hands on in my mom’s office.  I think that speaks volumes!  This pencil sharpener is just fun to use.

So far, my students are LOVING it.  As one student put it, “This is one cool gadget!”  Or another, “Do you want me to sharpen your entire pile of pencils for you, Ms. Hagan?”


Wednesday 17th of January 2018

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Sunday 10th of July 2016

This seems amazing! I have had my middle schoolers breaks 2 pencil sharpeners already this year and I'm so over it! I even let them use pen in math (the horror!)


Saturday 28th of February 2015

Wanted to know how well your sharpener is holding out? Sometimes things work great for awhile.

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Tuesday 3rd of March 2015

My sharpener is still sharpening well. Most of my students have to hold out the metal silver plate while they put in their pencil because it doesn't always want to lock when they pull it out. But, it still sharpens well.


Monday 23rd of February 2015

It looks exactly like one of X-Acto models which is available in my local library. Kind of like an old school jukebox.

Treva Classen

Tuesday 17th of February 2015

We have had several of our pencil sharpeners from here break even under teacher supervision. I am back to trying to find a pencil sharpener for school classrooms that work and hold up.

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Thursday 19th of February 2015

Teenagers are tough on pencil sharpeners. Good luck finding something that holds up!