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Things Teenagers Say: Volume 3

Join me today for Volume 3 of Things Teenagers Say. This is my regular round-up of the crazy and memorable things I hear my students say in class. It’s been over a month since my last edition. Enjoy!

things teenagers say

Things Teenagers Say

Me: Today we are going to be learning about polynomials!  Aren’t you guys excited?
Student: Why would we be learning about party animals?  I’m confused…

Student: Doesn’t the US cover all seven continents?
Me: No.  Let’s take a look at this globe.
Student: This globe must be wrong.  My seventh grade geography teacher told us that the US was on all seven continents.

Student:  The worksheet I just turned in has Icy Hot on it.  Sorry!

(Later the Same Day)

Another Student: I apologize that my homework I just put in the tray has tabouli on it.

(This is only something that would happen in Drumright.  Tabouli is like a way of life here.  It is served every single day in the cafeteria.  I’d never even heard of it before moving here.  I wasn’t impressed the first time I tried it at, but it definitely grows on you!)

(During a Celebrity Age Guessing Game to Motivate Linear Regression in my Stats Class)
There is a photo of Clint Eastwood on the Smart Board.  Students have to guess the name of the celebrity and their age.

Student 1: Isn’t that the guy from all those westerns?
Student 2: Yeah – that’s John Wayne, right?

Student discussing me with another student: “Of course she doesn’t wear makeup.  She’s a vegetarian.  They’re against stuff like that.”

Student: I don’t understand why my teachers always count my answers wrong when I put a line through my Ts.
Me: Do you know how to write an F in cursive?
Student: No.  Why?
Me: Well an F in cursive is a T with a line through it.  So, when you write a T with a line through it, your teachers think you are writing an F.
Student: That makes so much sense now.

Student:  What are you eating?
Me: An enchilada.
Student: Why are you eating an enchilada?
Me: Because I brought leftovers for lunch.  My mom made enchiladas when I went to visit my parents this weekend, and she sent me back some leftovers.
Student: Are your parents Hispanic?
Me: No.  Why do you ask that?
Student: Well, only Hispanic people eat enchiladas.
Me: Yeah, that’s not quite a true statement.  Do I look like my parents are Hispanic?
Student: Yes. You look like you are part Hispanic and part Jewish.
Me: (Awkward Silence.  Yeah, I didn’t have any words to respond to that.)

Student: Can we listen to some music today?
Me: Sure, who do you want to listen to?
Student: How about some Michelangelo?

(Upon entering my classroom on the first day that the desks went from groups of four to rows)

Student: Why is this set up like an actual classroom?  I’m confused.

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Monday 2nd of December 2013

Love these!

"the US was on all seven continents" possibly refers to military bases/embassies, which I seem to recall have some sort of psuedostatus as being "American soil". Still funny

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Saturday 11th of January 2014

I hadn't thought about it in that way! Thanks for sharing.