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Things Teenagers Say: Volume 38

It’s been quite a while since the last Things Teenagers Say.  My students have been getting antsy for me to post a new one, so here it is!

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Why does my infinity symbol look like a pizza?

Me: Sorry, I’m a germophobe.
Student: Hey!  Germs have feelings, too!

Student: Are you a germophobe?  You’re always using hand sanitizer.
Me: I don’t know who has touched that before, and I don’t want to get sick.  Just think, the person sitting in your desk last hour could have had a cold.
Student:  I think you just turned me into a germophobe!

Starting over in relationships is awkward.

Student 1: I didn’t know you worked at [a steakhouse].  Does that mean you could cook me a mean sirloin?
Student 2: Uh…
Student 1: That was a test.  I like my sirloin nice.

Student 1: I really want to know if I’m still going to be listening to Drake when I’m 80.
Student 2: You won’t be able to hear when you’re 80.

Is -1 times -1 kind of an awkward positive?

Student 1: We need to have a jam session.
Student 2: [Explaining] It’s where you make jelly in groups.

I don’t have tighty whities.  I have Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs!

The woman takes the man’s name.  It’s in the Geneva Convention.

It’s satisfying how thick our notebooks are!

You can love someone and cheat on them.  A lot of people think you can’t, but you can.

Student 1: For a rich guy, he sure had a bad haircut!  [Pointing to a poster of Einstein]
Me: Was he rich?
Student 1: He did invent the light.  He had to be rich.
Me: Einstein didn’t invent the light bulb.  Class, who invented the light bulb?
Student 2: Benjamin Franklin?
Me: No.
Student 3: Thomas Jefferson?
Me: No.
Student 4: President Eisenhower?
Me: Definitely not.
Student 5: I think his name was Thomas.
Me: Yes…
Student 5: Thomas Edison!
Me: Yes!  Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

I’d eat my baby if I was starving.

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Friday 22nd of April 2016

I love this series so much! It helps me focus on the good that happens in a day instead of the things that irritate me. It's inspired me to jot down the funny things my students say daily so that I can read over them and just have a chuckle at all the things that go on. I've actually started posting my own to go back and look at later. If you'd like to have a laugh at some crazier students than yours, you can check it out here:

Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove)

Friday 22nd of April 2016

Awesome! Thanks for sharing the link to your blog. I love finding new math blogs to follow!