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Things Teenagers Say: Volume 54

Join me today for Volume 54 of Things Teenagers Say. This is my regular round-up of the crazy and memorable things I hear my students say in class. It’s a much-needed Spring Break here, so I thought I would celebrate this week off from school by posting a new volume of Things Teenagers Say.

things teenagers say

Things Teenagers Say

Student 1: What’s a mapping diagram?
Student 2: It’s one of Mrs. Carter’s favorite things.

Student 1: I know how to say 500 in roman numerals.
Student 2: How?
Student 1: D.
Me: How would you write 600?
Student 1: DC.
Student 2: Shouldn’t it just be E?

Student 1: Did you hear that Toys R Us is closing?
Student 2: That’s better news than Stephen Hawking dying.

Student 1: Wasn’t Stephen Hawking like 30?
Student 2: He was 76.
Student 1: No way. He didn’t look that old dat all.

You don’t know what middle age is until you die.

Student 1: What’s that disease where you throw up whatever you eat?
Student 2: Bulimic.
Student 1: Yeah. Bulimic. What if you had a vampire who had bulimic? Then, if it threw up blood, it wouldn’t know if that was just what it ate or if it had cancer or something.

I don’t like you Mrs. Carter. You’re always making us do things we don’t want to do!

Do you know what’s not a real place? Wyoming.

Student: You should supply hairbrushes in your classroom.
Me: Uh no. That’s the way to spread lice around the school.
Student: Just don’t let the buggy people use them.

I think it should be the disturbing property instead of the distributive property.

It’s actually easy when you try.

Too bad John Wayne didn’t live long enough to be president. He had such good morals.

Are you ever too old to play hide and go seek?

Me: I’m sorry. I failed mind reading class in teacher college.
Class: They really have that class?!?
Me: *speechless*

My brain can’t function. I’m not sure I should be doing this [a quiz] right now.

If you went to a crying olympics, you would lose!

Student 1: That’s a girl.
Student 2: It has a Nicolas Cage face.

Keith Urban is Australian, so I really hoping Mr. Carter was going to sound like Keith Urban when he sang in the talent show.

For being lazy, mathematicians sure do a lot of work!

Student 1: Wait! Don’t Australians speak their own language?
Student 2: They speak English.
Student 1: Oh, they have accents!

Your notebook ain’t nothing compared to mine!

Mrs. Carter, you haven’t tweeted about me in a few days, and it’s making me sad.

Did you know that you don’t have to know how to tie a shoe in order to untie a shoe?

Don’t you hate when you stick your pencil in an M&M’s wrapper?

Can your grade get so low that it’s a negative number?

I think 40 is the perfect age because you’re not TOO old, but you’re old enough to make wise sayings all the time.

Mrs. Carter, did you know you’re crazy sometimes?

Student 1: What are you going to college for?
Student 2: To be a veterinariast.

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Chavi Beck

Tuesday 20th of March 2018

That one with the tie/untie a shoe, that's an interesting thought actually.