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Things Teenagers Say: Volume 57

Join me today for Volume 57 of Things Teenagers Say. This is my regular round-up of the crazy and memorable things I hear my students say in class. 

It has been what feels like a million years since the last volume. As I was preparing to transfer my blog over to my new domain name over the course of the last few weeks, I found myself rereading some old volumes of Things Teenagers Say. I was shocked to realize that I’ve only published one volume since switching schools. That doesn’t sound too bad until you consider the fact that this is my third year at my new school! I decided it was time to remedy this oversight. So, I hope you enjoy this 57th volume of Things Teenagers Say

Things Teenagers Say

Things Teenagers Say

So, what have my students been saying lately? Let’s take a listen.

I love fishing for compliments. It’s my favorite sport.

Oh my gosh. 9 to the 8th power is a big number.

If your notes aren’t pretty, you’re doing it wrong. I live by that.

I don’t even brush my hair anymore. It just kinda straightens out over the course of the day.

Me: I have a dentist appointment today.
Student: Can we come?

Regarding some celebrity:
From some angles he looks like WOAH but from other angles he looks like trash.

I keep forgetting that football games exist, that they are a thing that happens.

You might dress like you have good taste in music, but OMG…

I truly believe my pet iguana is cuter than my girlfriend.

My car’s name is Monica.

If your parachute fails, you have the rest of your life to figure it out.

Student 1: I don’t know what diseases you have.
Student 2: I don’t have any diseases.
Student 1: Not even heart disease? I mean cardiovascular disease…

So which one of you is going to compliment my hair first?

Student 1: [Insert Name] has been gaslighting me.
Student 2: I thought you were going to say gas chambering.
Me: You’ve been reading too many Holocaust books.
Student 2: Yeah, you’re probably right. I started a new one today.

If I ever get my appendix taken out, I’m going to get it gold-plated and wear it around my neck.

Me: Copy these special right triangles on a new sheet of notebook paper. They are going to be your trig BFFs this semester.
Student: I thought you were our BFF.

In regard to Desmos Period Marbleslides
That’s not even how gravity works!

Oh dude! I could save money on my mortgage. I just got an email!

Student 1: Have you ever wondered what’s inside of an Adam’s Apple?
Student 2: Apple!

Delta Math is my favorite pastime.

I wonder if Australians make upside down jokes about us.

When Mrs. Carter gets a little too excited about introducing polynomials…
Multiple students: Just how many activities are we going to do today?!?

He’s going to fail so hard he’s going to succeed. That’s how hard he’s going to fail!

One of the other math teachers on my hall came to school today to find her heater wasn’t working. When the repairman was walking around on the roof to fix it, a student proclaimed “It’s Santa!”

Student 1: I love hangman.
Student 2: You suck at it.
Student 3: Suck is not a nice word.
Student 2: Okay. You are not good at it.

Do you know what scares me? Balancing a checkbook.

My afternoon pre-calc class promised that if I ever become verified on twitter that they will throw me a party to celebrate. They said they want to be able to throw out the question “But is your math teacher verified on Twitter?” during arguments…

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