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Things Teenagers Say: Volume 58

Join me today for Volume 58 of Things Teenagers Say. This is my regular round-up of the crazy and memorable things I hear my students say in class. 

Things Teenagers Say

Things Teenagers Say

Student 1: I’m so confused.
Student 2: If you’re confused, just don’t be. 

Your dog may be cuter, but mine is more adorable. 

Did you know that the best time to cry is when you are driving at night? 

Student 1: If we had an Adam Sandler Party, what Adam Sandler character would you come dressed as? I’m going to come as the Adam Sandler in Water Boy.
Student 2: I’m going to come as the Adam Sandler in Forrest Gump.
Student 1: Adam Sandler wasn’t in Forrest Gump.
Student 2: Yes he was.
Student 1: That would be Tom Hanks.
Student 2: Are you sure? I thought that was Adam Sandler.
Entire Class: [Laughter]

He might be the nicest person in the world. most people who look super mean are actually really nice.

He has a photogenic memory. 

Have you really never heard a pig bark? 

Student 1: I’m legally blind.
Student 2: Legally blind? What’s that mean. Wait, isn’t that a tv show.
Student 1: That’s Legally Blonde.
Student 2: I love that movie! 

Student 1: My brother is looking at a job in Wyoming.
Student 2: Why are there even jobs in Wyoming? Nobody lives there.
Student 1: People live there.
Student 2: I don’t even think Wyoming exists.
Student 1: I’ve been there.
Student 2: You were probably in Nevada or Montana. Wyoming doesn’t actually exist. 

Student 1: Hey – what are we doing in English today?
Student 2: Do I look like a school calendar? 

Abs are overrated. 

I love being virtual, but being virtual does not love me. 

Is this clear paper? (This was said while pointing to my box of laminating sheets…)

What’s your favorite Minecraft sound ever? 

These markers are the best thing that’s ever happened to me…today.

Student: I was listening to Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Madison. Parkinson. Parker.
Rest of Class: Parton.

You’re not supposed to help her. We’re in a war to win.
(Said during a game of Quizizz)

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