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Things Teenagers Say: Volume 8

Join me today for Volume 8 of Things Teenagers Say. This is my regular round-up of the crazy and memorable things I hear my students say in class.

Things Teenagers Say mathequalslove

Things Teenagers Say

Did you know that if you google logarithms your picture comes up?  And, if you keep scrolling, pictures of your classroom come up!  It’s creepy.

A student brought her 9 year old brother into my classroom.

Student:  One day you’re going to have Ms. Hagan for Algebra 1.
Brother of Student: By then, she’ll have wrinkles.
Me: [Aghast Look]
Brother of Student: (to me) Wait, you already have wrinkles!

So-and-so didn’t know who Martin Luther King, Jr was.  She thought he was the one who pulled the sword out of the stone!

Me: It’s National Nothing Day!
Student: So, that means we don’t have to do anything today.  Right?
Me: Ha ha.  No.
Student: Somebody isn’t in the holiday spirit!

After a three day weekend, my students start discussing what slope videos they want to watch in class today.  

Me: How many of you looked up slope videos on YouTube over your three day weekend?

Four hands shoot up.  Yes!

Remember my new cell phone policy?

Student: Ms. Hagan!  Look at what people are doing because of you!
<Shows me picture on her phone where somebody tagged her in a picture of her sleeping in another class.>
Student: If I had my phone, I would have been awake!  This is all your fault!
Me: If you hadn’t had your phone out in class, I wouldn’t have taken it away…

At lunch, I saw this cat. So, I picked it up and decided to keep it.  Somebody told me that I should give it to you because you love cats.  I told them I didn’t think you did.  You don’t even own a cat.  But, they said that you have like a thousand cats.

For the record, I do not own a cat.  Despite the rumors going around the school, I am NOT a crazy cat lady.  

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