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100th Day of School Math Activities

This curated collection of 100th Day of School Math Activities will help you celebrate this momentous day in style with a collection of activities and puzzles related to the number 100.

100th day of school math activities with 100 in balloons.

Many of the 100th Day of School resources you will find online are geared toward the lower elementary grades. Here is a collection of 100th day of school activities that can be used in the middle school or high school math classroom as well!

In my opinion, students are never too old to celebrate 100 days of learning!

100th Day of School Square Puzzle

100th day of school puzzle.

Celebrate 100 days of school with this free printable 100th day of school puzzle. Can you assemble the pieces to form a 3×3 rectangle where the pieces match along each edge?

What Has Your Teacher Said 100 Times?

speech bubble with question "what has your teacher said 100 times this year?"

Here’s a fun question to ask your students on the 100th day of school: What is something your teacher has said 100 times this year?

100 Math Expressions for the 100th Day of School

number 100 on top of a stack of post-it notes.

Maddie Garcia has students celebrate the 100th Day of School by having students come up with 100 different math expressions that equal 100. Students write these expressions on post-it notes which are then arranged to make the number 100 on the wall.

The great thing about this activity is that the level of difficulty of the math expressions can easily match your students’ ability levels.

Jennifer Williams takes a similar approach by having students come up with 100 Exponent Problems for the 100th Day of School.

100th Day of School Math Poster

100th day of school math poster.

Ms. Wadsworth shares a brilliant 100th day of school math poster. Don’t have time to make a poster? Challenge your students to make a poster with a unique math expression, and then you will have instant room decor!

100th Day of School Data Collection Activity

footprints with text "100 steps?".

Can your students predict how far they will walk when taking 100 steps?

Have your students make predictions and then collect data to find out the true answer!

100 Numbers Task

100 numbers task from Sara Van Der Werf.

Sara Van Der Werf’s 100 Numbers Task has become a classic for the first week of school when teaching students how to work in groups. But if you didn’t do it at the beginning of the school year, it would be a fun challenge to give students on the 100th Day of School!

Only Takes and Adds Puzzle

blue diagram with plus sign, minus sign, and equal sign with text "only takes and adds puzzle" 

Only Takes and Adds is a fun little math puzzle that involves making expressions equal to 100 which is perfect for the 100th day of school!