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Free Printable Factors Chart 1-100

One of my high school math students’ most used math reference sheets is this free printable factors chart for the numbers from 1 to 100.

free printable factors chart 1-100

I give my algebra and pre-calculus students a copy of this 1-100 factors chart at the beginning of the school year, and we end up referencing them a lot.

factors chart 1-100

This factors chart comes in especially handy when we are trying to simplify radicals, finding the greatest common factor of two numbers (useful when factoring the GCF out of a polynomial or finding common denominators of fractions), and factoring quadratics.

free printable factors chart 1-100

I actually added several other helpful math reference sheets (prime numbers, pythagorean triples, perfect squares, and perfect cubes) to this file and turned it into a foldable math reference chart which I give students at the beginning of the year.

Stack of Foldable Math Reference Charts on Desk

Are your students needing factors of higher numbers? I have also created a factor chart 1-200 pdf download.

Factors Chart 1-200.