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Foldable Math Reference Chart

I created this foldable math reference chart a few weeks ago for my Pre-Calculus students to use on their assessments throughout the school year.

foldable math reference chart

I included several helpful charts that students might find of use. The front of the foldable math chart includes a chart of the prime numbers under 100 and a table of some primitive pythagorean triples.

Foldable Math Reference Chart

Our first pre-calc test of the year included simplifying radicals, so my students appreciated being able to quickly check if various numbers were prime. It also included the pythagorean theorem and determining the distance between two points. I have trained my students to keep an eye out for pythagorean triples since they frequently show up on standardized tests. Many of my students never memorized any of the pythagorean triples in geometry class, so I decided to give them a reference with the hopes that they would become more familiar with them.

Foldable Math Reference Chart

The inside of the foldable has a factors chart for the numbers between 1 and 100. In the past, I have passed out a similar chart to students to help them while simplifying radicals or factoring polynomials. I did have a mistake in the original file that had one of the pairs of factors on the wrong line. I have fixed that unfortunate error in my downloadable file.

Foldable Math Reference Chart

The back of the foldable includes tables with perfect squares and perfect cubes.

Foldable Math Reference Chart

Of course, if you don’t want to fold the booklet in half, you could simply leave it unfolded and just treat it as a reference sheet.

I made this specifically with my pre-calculus students’ first test of the year in mind. I look forward to keeping a running list of ideas for further reference charts with a future goal of providing my pre-calc students with an ultimate reference guide that they can use both in my class and future math classes.

Holly S.

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

I just have to say .... thank you!!! I can't even express how grateful we are. My son is in 5th grade with executive functioning delays. Thank you 💜