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Algebra & Functions

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Algebra & Functions | Geometry & Measurement | Number & Operations | Statistics & Probability | Trigonometry | Calculus

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Absolute Value Functions

Conic Sections

Coordinate Plane


Combining Like Terms

Distributive Property

Evaluating Expressions

Non-Standard Operations

Parts of an Expression

Translating Between Words and Algebra

Equations & Inequalities

Absolute Value Equations

Absolute Value Inequalities

Inequality Symbols

Linear Equations

Literal Equations

Miscellaneous Equations

One Variable Inequalities

Ratios and Proportions

Two Variable Inequalities (Linear Inequalities)

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Functions and Relations

Composition of Functions

Definition of a Function

Describing Features of a Function

Discrete vs Continuous

Domain and Range

Evaluating Functions

Function Machines

Function Notation

Function vs Not a Function

Graphing Functions

Graphing Stories

Independent vs Dependent Variables


Operations with Functions

Parent Functions


Transformations of Functions

Writing Functions

Miscellaneous Functions Resources

Linear Functions

Forms of Linear Equations

Graphing Linear Equations

Horizontal and Vertical Lines


Linear vs Non-Linear

Parallel/Perpendicular Lines

Point-Slope Form

Slope/Rate of Change

Slope-Intercept Form

Standard Form

Transformations of Linear Functions

Writing Linear Equations

Miscellaneous Linear Function Resources


Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Algebra Tiles

Definition of a Polynomial/Classifying Polynomial or Not

Dividing Polynomials

Factoring Polynomials

Graphing Polynomials

Multiplying Polynomials

Naming Polynomials

Parts of a Polynomial

Standard Form

Rational Expressions and Functions

Quadratic Functions

Completing the Square

Factoring Quadratics

Forms of a Quadratic Function

Graphing Quadratics

Quadratic Formula

Quadratic Vocabulary

Solving Quadratics

Systems with Quadratics

Miscellaneous Quadratics Activities

Sequences and Series

Set Notation

Systems of Equations

Systems of Inequalities