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Monday Must Reads: Volume 89

Now that I’ve been back to school for about a month, I finally feel like I’m getting in the swing of things. My school is doing distance learning on Mondays this year. However, students are allowed to still come in person on Mondays for extra help or if they need to make up missing work/tests. I gave my first Pre-Calculus test of the year on Friday, so I had a million students in my room today. I survived, though. I even got to help a former student with some calculus which was fun.

Since it’s Monday, I decided that it was time to put together a new volume of Monday Must Reads. MMR is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas shared by (mostly) math teachers on twitter. I hope you find at least one idea you can use in your own math classroom. There are even a few science ideas this week for the chemistry teachers who might be reading this.

Introducing the Distributive Property

Amie shares a great series of problems that can be used to introduce the distributive property. I really like how students have to determine if they can apply the distributive property or not with each problem.

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3D Bohr Models

This 3-D Bohr Model display from Reagan Josephison caught my eye recently when scrolling through twitter. It’s creative activities like this that make me miss teaching chemistry!

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Math Club Ideas

Looking to start a math club or just looking for some fun, hands-on activities to use in your classes? Check out this thread from Miss G. There are tons of lovely activities and suggestions in the comments!

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My Life in Numbers

Adele shares a great beginning of year activity called “My Life in Numbers” that results in some lovely room decor.

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Puzzle of the Week Set-Up

Check out how Ms R is incorporating a puzzle of the week this year!

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Magic Square Tic Tac Toe

This Magic Square Tic Tac Toe Game looks like a ton of fun. Be sure to follow PUSDmath on twitter for tons of math sidewalk chalk problems and other creative content!

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SMP Self Reflection Forms

I absolutely love these SMP self-reflection forms from Nat Banting.

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String Art with the Classic Handshake Problem

Mark Kaercher blows my mind once again by combining the classic handshake problem with string art. So fun!

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Justifying Function or Not a Function Worksheet

I really like this function worksheet that Jessica Merrill recently highlighted. I appreciate both the fact that it requires students to write sentences to justify whether the relation is a function AND it teaches students how to write these sentences.

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What are you certain of?

Check out this brilliant teacher move from Katy Dornbos. Ask students to identify what they are certain of. So simple, yet so powerful of an idea!

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Until next time, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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