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AP Precalculus Activities and Resources

Elevate your AP Precalculus course to new heights with this selection of hands-on activities and engaging resources. This blog post is your gateway to a wealth of materials designed to inspire learning and foster a deeper understanding of precalculus for your students.

pile of file folders with overlay text: "ap precalculus activities"

This is my first year teaching AP Precalculus, so this blog post is definitely a work in progress. I will update this post as I create more AP Precalculus activities for my students.

Year-Long Resources

These resources are designed to be used throughout the entire year of AP Precalculus.

AP Precalculus Unit Dividers

ap precalculus unit divider in binder

Keep yourself and your AP Precalculus students organized with these free printable unit dividers for each unit of the AP Precalculus course as laid out by College Board in the Course & Exam Description (CED).

Each unit divider features the approximate AP exam weighting for that unit.

Parent Function Posters

parent function posters hanging in high school math classroom

Your AP Precalculus students will benefit throughout the course from having an easy-to-access visual reminder of the different parent functions covered throughout the year.

Unit 1: Polynomial and Rational Functions

1.1 Concavity Posters

Bulletin Board Mock-Up with Text "Free Printable Concavity Posters" Two Posters with Text "Concave Up Like a Cup" and "Concave Down Like a Frown"

Are your AP Precalculus students struggling to remember the difference between concave up and concave down? Check out this free printable set of concavity posters.

AP Precalculus Topic 1.1 Change in Tandem

1.7 End Behavior of Rational Functions Stations Activity

building rational functions with various end behaviors activity for ap precalculus

Engage our students with these six different stations which involve understanding the end behavior of rational functions and limit notation.

AP Precalculus Topic 1.7 Rational Functions and End Behavior

1.11 Pascal’s Triangle Templates

pascal's triangle templates and worksheets.

Download these blank and filled copies of Pascal’s Triangle to help your AP Precalculus students with their binomial expansions.

AP Precalculus Topic 1.11 Equivalent Representations of Polynomial and Rational Expressions

1.12 Transformations of Functions Word Search Activity

transformations of functions word search activity with magnifying glass close-up of worksheet

This Transformations of Functions Word Search activity was originally designed for Algebra 2 students, but I have found great success using it with my AP Precalculus students as we reviewed sketching transformations of functions including horizontal and vertical dilations, reflections, and translations.

AP Precalculus Topic 1.12 Transformations of Functions

Unit 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

2.9 Evaluating Logarithms Auction Activity

supplies needed for evaluating logarithms auction activity

Looking for a free and fun evaluating logarithms activity? In this engaging auction-style activity, students will work in teams to evaluate logs and bid on them to see who can earn the most points.

AP Precalculus Topic 2.9 Evaluate Logarithmic Expressions

2.15 Semi-Log Plots Mystery Graphing Picture

semi-log plot mystery graphing picture ap precalculus activity

This semi-log plot activity will help your students learn to plot points on a semi-log plot while having fun! Your AP Precalculus students will master this tricky graphing skill by completing the mystery graph picture.

AP Precalculus Topic 2.15 Semi-Log Plots

2.15 Semi-Log Graph Paper PDF

semi-log graph paper pdf.

Looking to make your own semi-log plot activities? You might find this free printable semi-log graph paper to be useful.

AP Precalculus Topic 2.15 Semi-Log Plots

Unit 3: Trigonometric and Polar Functions

Coming Soon! As I make it further in the year, I will update this post with more activities for the later topics in the course.

Unit 4: Functions Involving Parameters, Vectors, and Matrices

More AP Precalculus Resources