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Futoshiki Puzzles

One of the things I love most about the #MTBoS is that for every idea I blog, I seem to get three or more ideas back in return.  Recently, Christine Mishra left a comment on an old post from 2013 with a link to a (new-to-me) logic puzzle: Futoshiki.  Christine thinks these would be awesome to include in a unit on inequalities, and I agree!

Here’s the link she sent me to check out.

Each column and row can only contain a number once.  And, all inequality symbols must be obeyed.

futoshiki puzzle
Image Source

Doesn’t this look fun???

Don’t worry, there are smaller puzzles, too.  They go down to a 4 x 4.

I asked my fiance if he had heard of these puzzles before, and we ended up spending a couple of hours skyping and trying to solve the same puzzles at the same time.  Yeah, we know how to have fun.  🙂

If you’re looking to try these out online, the best site we found was BrainBashers.  It lets you make pencil marks which is a huge help in the problem solving process.

Anyone use these with students?  Or have an idea of how to best use these?  I’m thinking I’ll give students one as a Figure It Out! Friday puzzle.

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Faezal Yunus

Thursday 27th of August 2015

Wow! These are great -- thanks for making me discover them. You should do a post on Magic Squares, too (the greater-than equal signs were akin to the arrows used for direction in an odd magic square). Check this out: