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Looking for fun and engaging hands-on algebra activities? I offer hundreds of free printable activities for teaching a wide range of middle school or high school algebra topics.

I created these algebra activities during my 10+ years in the high school math classroom. During that time, I taught Algebra 1 for 6 years and Algebra 2 for 8 years.

I have also created many activities to review middle school algebra concepts to use with 9th grade students who were identified as not yet being ready for Algebra 1.

Wanting to check out all of my algebra activities? I have created an Algebra & Functions resource page as part of my Math Teaching Resource Index. Here, I list all of my activities for teaching algebra as well as links to other useful websites.

Equality and Inequality Symbols Posters

I find that one of my most-referenced set of posters in my classroom is these equality and inequality symbols posters. If you checked out my recent post with the photos of my classroom from this past 2021-2022, you might not remember seeing them. That’s because I took them down to hang up my Powers Posters. …

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Finding Common Denominators of Rational Expressions Activity

Do your students struggle finding common denominators when adding and subtracting rational expressions? I created this finding common denominators activity a few years ago when I was teaching Algebra 2. I found that my students needed plenty of practice identifying what the least common denominator should be before we ever spent time practicing how to …

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Set and Interval Notation Dry Erase Template

Just a quick blog post today to share a set and interval notation dry erase template I ran across recently while organizing my Algebra 2 files. I didn’t actually end up using this dry erase template because the other activities I had planned ended up taking a lot longer than usual. My plan, though, was …

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Pinwheels for Peace 2019

One of the yearly activities I look forward to at my school is our annual Pinwheels for Peace celebration. Pinwheels for Peace is a school-wide, cross-curricular project that occurs every September. At my school, the project is headed up by by my super-talented, award-winning art teacher neighbor, Shelley Self. September 21st is International Day of …

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