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Quadratic Formula Activities

This collection of 12 free and fun quadratic formula activities will help take away the dread of teaching students the quadratic formula. This resource collection focuses on activities for introducing, practicing, and memorizing the quadratic formula.

Activities for Introducing the Quadratic Formula

Looking for a creative way to introduce your students to the concept of the quadratic formula? Check out these activities that can be used to introduce your students to this famous mathematical formula.

If the IRS had Discovered the Quadratic Formula…

If the IRS had discovered the quadratic formula...

What will your students think when you pass out this fake IRS tax form which is actually the quadratic formula in disguise??

When you show them the actual quadratic formula, they might actually thank you instead of being terrified.

Quadratic Formula Tangram Puzzle

square tangram puzzle with mathematical background.

Back when I did interactive notebooks with my Algebra 2 students, I created a fun quadratic formula tangram puzzle for students to put together in order to discover the quadratic formula for the first time.

Illustrating the Quadratic Formula with the Desmos Scientific Calculator

quadratic formula printed on paper with pencil laying above.

Mark Kaercher offers a helpful illustration of how the Desmos Scientific Calculator can be used to illustrate solving problems involving the quadratic formula.

Activities for Memorizing the Quadratic Formula

Help your students memorize the all-important quadratic formula with these fun activities.

Quadratic Formula Memory Assignment

quadratic formula memory assignment

The quadratic formula will be the talk of the entire school if you assign this quadratic formula memory assignment to your students. Students must recite, from memory, the quadratic formula to one teacher, one family member, and one additional person of their choosing.

This was always a memorable assignment when I gave it to my Algebra 2 classes.

Quadratic Formula Songs

quadratics math problem photograph with text "quadratic formula songs" 

Check out this collection of catchy quadratic formula songs that will help your students memorize the quadratic formula.

Cartoon for Memorizing the Quadratic Formula

quadratic formula printed on post-it note.

Ella Hereth shares a quadratic formula story with a cartoon to accompany it to help students remember the quadratic formula.

Quadratic Formula Cupcakes

cupcake in front of mathematical background.

Perhaps you could use a bit of bribery to convince all of your class to memorize the quadratic formula. These quadratic formula cupcakes look so cool and absolutely delicious!

Activities for Practicing the Quadratic Formula

These quadratic formula practice activities are sure to make class fun while practicing the quadratic formula.

Quadratic Formula Dry Erase Template

quadratic formula dry erase template activity

Are your students struggling with setting up the quadratic formula correctly? Download this dry erase template to help your students structure their work.

This can easily be slid into a dry erase pocket or heavy duty sheet protector and used again and again!

Quadratic Formula Faded Worksheet

close-up of quadratic formula faded worksheet.

Andy Lutwyche shares an excellent Quadratic Formula Faded Worksheet where students work through a series of problems where different information is given each time. Sometimes students are given the equation and asked to find the solutions. Other times, they are given the quadratic formula and asked to figure out what the original equation was.

This worksheet has excellent scaffolding, and I’m really impressed with how it is set up. It is a free download from TES.

Quadratic Formula Cut and Paste Activity

close-up of quadratic formula cut and paste activity from katrina newell

Katrina Newell offers a quadratic formula cut and paste activity as a free download on her blog. Students have to cut and paste the intermediate quadratic formula step as well as the final solution next to each quadratic equation.

Quadratic Formula Notes

Looking for resources for teaching the quadratic formula? Check out these quadratic formula notes.

Quadratic Formula Foldable

colored paper with text "quadratic formula foldable"

This Quadratic Formula Foldable will walk your students through solving three different quadratic equations using the quadratic formula. A template is included with each question to help your students set up the quadratic formula correctly.

Discriminant Foldable

colored paper with text "discriminant foldable"

This Discriminant Foldable from Nora at Simplifying Radicals will explain to students what the discriminant is and why it is useful. This was always a favorite page in my Algebra 2 interactive notebooks.