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New Years Math Activities and Puzzles

Help ring in the new year of 2024 with these new years math activities and puzzles for the classroom.

new years math activities and puzzles with photograph of fireworks in background.

Help your students ease back into the school year after winter break with this collection of New Year’s math activities. I have created these puzzles and activities to use with high school math students, but most of them would be appropriate for the upper elementary or middle school math classroom as well.

2024 Yearly Number Challenge

2024 yearly number challenge

The 2024 math challenge is a simple to explain puzzle that will keep you captivated for hours. Using the digits in the current year exactly one time each, can you write a mathematical expression for each digit between 1 and 100? You may use any mathematical symbol or operation of your choosing.

2024 Puzzle

2024 puzzle for new year's in math class

Celebrate the new year with a fun 2024 puzzle! Can you arrange the strips in the provided grid to form the digits in 2024? This puzzle is available in two levels and is sure to provide a fun challenge for students and adults alike!

2024 Pentomino Puzzle

2024 pentomino puzzle for new years math activity.

The 2024 Pentomino Puzzle puts a fun twist on a classic pentominoes puzzle by having holes in some of the pieces. Can you build a 5×6 rectangle using pentominoes pieces so that the year 2024 is still visible?

Keep Change Start Stop New Years Reflection Form

new years reflection form with keep, change, start, and stop prompts

Start the new year with some reflection about the previous year ore previous semester. You and your students will benefit from reflecting on what you want to KEEP, CHANGE, START, and STOP as you enter 2024.

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