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120 Chart

Unlock the magic of numbers with this free printable 120 chart! Whether you’re a math teacher or a homeschooling parent this versatile 120 number chart is your key to discovering the fascinating patterns, operations, and mathematical wonders hidden within the realm of the numbers from 1 to 120.

120 chart printable

What is a 120 Chart?

A 120 chart is a grid or table that displays numbers from 1 to 120 in rows and columns. It is often used as a visual tool for teaching and learning in mathematics, particularly in elementary education.

120 number chart printable

It is an extension of the classic 100 chart or 0-99 chart.

Why Use a 120 Chart in the Classroom?

The 120 Number Chart serves as a valuable resource for practicing counting, skip-counting, exploring number patterns, and performing various math operations.

Additional Formats

The 120 number chart is also available as a blank 120 chart to download and print. You can also download a blank 100 chart.

Free Download of Printable 120 Number Chart

The 120 chart is available to download for free as a PDF file or an editable Publisher file. You will need Microsoft Publisher in order to edit the file.

120 Chart (PDF) (215 downloads)

120 Chart (Editable Publisher File ZIP) (135 downloads)

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