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53 Fun and Interesting Statistics Activities

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Looking for fun and interesting ways to incorporate data collection into your stats class? Check out this list of 53 fun and interesting statistics activities I have done with my students over the years in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Statistics class.

fun and interesting statistics activities

Categorical vs Quantitative Variables Activities

Categorical vs Quantitative Variables Card Sort Activity

I created a categorical vs quantitative variables card sort that I would like to share with you.

Categorical vs Quantitative Variables Hold-Up Cards Activity

categorical vs quantitative hold up cards activity

I created these categorical vs quantitative variables hold-up cards to help me understand how well my statistics students were grasping the concepts of categorical and quantitative variables.

Emergency Rooms Card Sort Activity for Categorical and Quantitative Variables

emergency room card sort for categorical vs quantitative variables

Looking for a fun way to assess student understanding on categorical and quantitative variables? Check out this card sort activity I created for my statistics classes involving data that could be collected in an emergency room.

Statistics and Data Analysis Activities

Kentucky Derby Winning Times Dot Plot Analysis

photograph of horse racing track with text: "kentucky derby winning times"

One of my favorite graphs to use to practice SOCS in statistics is this Kentucky Derby Winning Times graph that I found in Stats: Modeling the World. To practice describing SOCS, I had my class look at this dotplot of the Kentucky Derby Winning Times between 1875 and 2008.

SOCS Foldable for Statistics

I’m pretty happy with how this SOCS foldable turned out that I created for my stats class. We’re practicing identifying the shape, outliers, center, and spread of a quantitative variable.

IQR vs Standard Deviation Card Sort Activity

My stats students had just finished up learning to find IQR by hand and by calculator and standard deviation by hand and by calculator. I made this card sort activity to help students learn when they should report IQR vs standard deviation.

5 Number Summary 5 Finger Summary

handprint with text around image: "5 number summary; 5 finger summary"

Check out this interactive notebook over the 5 elements of a 5 number summary.

Blind Stork Test for Data Collection

stork standing on one leg with text beside it "blind stork test for data collection"

How hard can it be to stand on one foot with your eyes closed? Your students will find out with this fun blind stork test that is perfect for collecting data to analyze in Algebra 1.

Tenzi Data Collection Activity for Comparing Data Sets

tenzi data collection activity

Data collection is fun when it involves playing Tenzi! Students will play various Tenzi variants and use their collected data to create boxplots which can be easily compared to determine “Which version of Tenzi is the hardest?”

Design Your Own Dot Plot Magnets

design your own dot plot magnets

Your Algebra 1 students will love creating their own custom magnet which can be used to create class dot plots.

Dot Plot of the Day Activity

dot plot of the day activity

Don’t settle for random data sets from your textbook to analyze. In this dot plot of the day activity, students will practice describing data sets involving data collected directly from their classmates.

How Many States Have You Visited Data Collection Activity

how many states have you visited data collection activity

Once you have created your dot plot magnets, ask your students “How Many States Have You Visited?” This is a great first dot plot to make and analyze as a class.

Dot Plot Matching Card Sort Activity

The numbers and labels are missing from these dotplots. Can you use your logical reasoning skills to match each dotplot with it represents?

Count the Objects Data Collection Task

How many items will your students count in the allotted time? Have your students create a graphical display of the results. How does the true value compare to the class results?

Analyzing the Ages of Academy Award Winners

This data set analyzing the ages of male and female academy award winners is the perfect introduction to back-to-back stem-and-leaf plots.

Highlights Hidden Pictures Data Collection Activity for Comparing Data Sets

Students were given a plastic sleeve with a hidden picture puzzle and a card with a picture to locate within the puzzle, a MyChron timer, and a data recording sheet to glue into their interactive notebooks.  

Game of Greed

picture of money with text of "game of greed"

I want to share a statistics foldable I made for the Game of Greed. This dice game is such a fun way to collect data!

Boxplot and Histogram Card Sort Activity

boxplot and histogram card sort activity for statistics

My stats students were struggling with boxplots. So, I decided to take a break from making boxplots to letting them look at boxplots that were already made. A quick google search led me to this boxplot and histogram card sort activity.

Looking for Outliers in the OKC Thunder

basketball on court with text "looking for outliers in the okc thunder" 

Students will practice finding a five number summary and determining if there are any outliers by looking at salary data for the OKC Thunder.

5 W’s and H Foldable

I created this 5 W’s and H Foldable for my Stats class to glue in their statistics interactive notebooks (INBs).

Dry Erase Workmat for Finding Five Number Summary, IQR, and Outliers

Students use this helpful dry erase workmat to help them organize their work while finding the five number summary of a data set and using that to find IQR and outliers.

Graphs In the News Statistics Foldable

pile of newspapers with text of "Graphs in the news"

I made this Graphs in the News Statistics Foldable to give my stat students practice analyzing graphs of categorical data. I pulled some real-life data displays from the internet. Then, I had students discuss these questions together as a group. I loved hearing my students reason through these!

Estimating 30 Seconds Data Collection Activity

stop watch in corner with text of "estimating 30 seconds activity" 

How well can your students estimate 30 seconds? This is the perfect quick data collection activity to get a fun set of data to analyze.

Types of Data Displays Foldable

I created this types of data displays foldable for my Algebra 1 students to review bar graphs, stem-and-leaf graphs, box-and-whisker plots, and circle graphs.

Let’s Make a Graph Activity

I created this let’s make a graph activity to give my Algebra 1 students practice making various types of data displays. We needed to practice making bar graphs, box-and-whisker-plots, circle graphs, and stem-and-leaf graphs.

Paper Airplane Lab

hand holding yellow paper airplane with text "paper airplane lab" 

Recently, my statistics class was working on a paper airplane lab to explore the effect of the wingspan of a paper airplane on the distance traveled by the plane.

Gummy Bear Catapults

photograph of gummy bears with text "gummy bear catapults lab" 

Recently, my statistics students have been doing an activity with gummy bear catapults.

Hiring Discrimination Simulation for Statistics

toy plane on top of passport with text: "hiring discrimination simulation"

This year, I decided I wanted to start my statistics class off with a statistical simulation to give them a taste of what was in store for the year. I ran across mention of a hiring discrimination simulation on another blog, and I thought it would make the perfect first activity.

Are your Graphs OK? TULSA Graphing Posters

I want to share a set of TULSA Graphing Posters here on the blog today. Does your graph have a Title, Units, Labels, Scales, and Accuracy?

Normal Distribution Activities

Normal Distribution Question Stack Activity

normal distribution activity (question stack)

This normal distribution question stack activity was my introduction to a new practice structure for math class: question stacks. Since then, I have gone on to create question stacks for a large number of math topics.

Scatterplot Activities

M&M’s Scatter Plot Activity

photograph of colorful m&m's with text "M&M's Scatter Plot Activity" 

Students take turns building scatter plots using m&m’s and having their classmates determine if the scatterplot has positive, negative, or no correlation.

Candy Grab Lab for Linear Regression

candy grab lab for linear regression

This Candy Grab Lab is one of my favorite ways to introduce students to the process of linear regression.

Twizzlers Linear Regression Lab

close-up of licorice with text "twizzlers linear regression lab" 

I learned about using twizzlers for linear regression from Tammy Ballard with Wake County Public Schools. I modified her activity to create my own twizzlers linear regression lab that met the needs of my specific group of algebra students.

Best Line of Best Fit Contest

line of best fit contest text above drawing of scatterplot

This Desmos activity kept students engaged and interested while learning how to draw lines of best fit by hand.

Hula Hoop Scatterplot Activity

stack of colorful hula hoops with text "hula hoop scatter plot activity" 

This hula hoop scatterplot activity gets students moving in math class while learning about how to create a scatterplot and use that scatterplot and linear regression to make predictions.

Starburst Scatterplot Activity

This starburst scatterplot activity ended up being one of my favorite activities of the year!

Tongue Twister Linear Regression Activity

tongue twister linear regression activity with drawing of globe sticking out a tongue tied in a knot

I created this tongue twister linear regression activity for my algebra students to use while collecting tongue twister data in their small groups. Students work in groups to collect data regarding the amount of time it takes various numbers of people to recite a tongue twister.

Bouncing Tennis Balls Linear Regression Activity

pile of tennis balls with text "bounding tennis balls linear regression lab" 

Warning: don’t try this bouncing tennis balls linear regression activity if your classroom is on the 2nd floor. The science teacher below your classroom will not appreciate it.

Linear Regression Activity with the True Colors Personality Test

colorful background with text "true colors linear regression activity" 

I was inspired to give my students the true colors personality test after attending a workshop where we did this personality test as one of our activities. We took turns going around the room saying what color we found as our result.

When comparing the amount of time it took for different numbers of students, we were able to perform a linear regression to figure out how long it would take the entire class to speak their results.

Statistics Projects

Response Bias Project

text of "statistics response bias project" above drawing of laptop with colorful data displays

Instead of giving my statistics students a semester test, I chose to assign them a response bias project based on one shared online by Josh Tabor.

Confidence Interval Projects

statistics confidence interval project

I’m excited today to share the results of our confidence interval projects in statistics.

Statistics Survey Project

photograph of various data displays with text "statistics survey project" 

Before Spring Break, I gave my statistics students the assignment to design their own survey projects. We spent well over a week on this project, but I definitely think it was time well spent.

Probability Activities

Hex Nut Probability Activity

three hex nuts arranged in a line with text "hex nut probability activity" 

All you need for this fun and engaging hex nut probability activity are hex nuts, empty soda bottles, and a plastic ring.

Mystery Box Probability Activity

cardboard box with open flaps with text "mystery box probability activity? 

Can your students use their knowledge of probability to determine the contents of the mystery box?

Blocko Probability Game

blocko probability game with linking cubes (or snap cubes)

This Blocko Probability game is perfect for introducing the difference between experimental and theoretical probability to students.

I play the game with linking cubes with my students, but you could actually use any collection of small items.

Probability Bingo

Probability Bingo Game with Two Wooden Dice

Probability Bingo is not your typical bingo game!

Students fill their bingo boards based on the color combinations they think will appear the most. The winner is the person who fills out their entire bingo board first.

Greedy Pig Dice Game

greedy pig dice game for practicing probability

I have been playing this greedy pig dice game with my students to practice probability since I learned it while student teaching!

All you need for this game is a set of dice!

Venn Diagram Template with Guess My Rule Cards

venn diagram template with two circles and outline

I created this Venn Diagram template to use with Guess My Rule cards, but it could be used in so many different ways in the math classroom.