Winter Math Activities and Puzzles

Looking to celebrate the winter season in your math classroom? Check out this collection of winter math activities and puzzles to bring some wintry fun inside!

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Winter Math Puzzles

If you’ve been around my blog long enough, you will know that I LOVE math puzzles. I hope you will enjoy this collection of winter math puzzles.

Penguin Pentomino Puzzle

penguin pentominoes puzzle

Students will enjoy using a set of 12 pentominoes to build the shape of a penguin.

Snowflake Puzzle

snowflake puzzle

This Snowflake puzzle is one of my favorite winter puzzles. Can you place the snowflakes on the grid so that each row and column contain an even (not odd) number of snowflakes?

Snow Globe Math Puzzle

snowglobe snowman math puzzle.

Math with P Nik shares an excellent snow globe math puzzle involving snow people that must be reassembled so that the sum of the numbers in the snow person’s body equals the number printed on their hat.

Snowman Geometry Puzzle

Snowman Circle Puzzle from Ed Southall

In this geometric snowman puzzle from Ed Southall, you are challenged to find the radius of the smallest circle which makes up the snowman’s head.

Snowman WODB Puzzle

snowman next to letters wodb.

Luke Walsh shares an image of a winter-themed giftbag which makes an excellent WODB (Which One Doesn’t Belong?) Puzzle.

Which snow person does not belong?

Snowflake WODB Puzzle 1

scissors cutting paper snowflake.

Ilona Vashchyshyn uses paper snowflakes to create a fun WODB (Which One Doesn’t Belong?) Puzzle.

This would be fun to do with student-created snowflakes.

Snowflake WODB Puzzle 2

snowflake puzzle wodb puzzle.

NOMA Math shares a WODB puzzle with 4 snowflake clipart images.

Which snowflake doesn’t belong?

Snowman Language Puzzle


Miss Hughes shares an excellent little puzzle involving the snowman language.

Algebra 2 and Precalculus

Conic Section Snowman Art

example of conic section snowman project.

Austin James embraces the wintery weather by assigning students to make snowman art using conic sections in Desmos.


Winter Slope Field Activity

snowman slope field activity for calculus.

Make practicing slope fields fun with this snowman-themed slope field assignment for calculus!

Other Fun Winter Activities

Desmos Snowflake Magnets

snowflake magnet.

Eniola Ajayi takes the snowflakes generated by students with Steve Phelps’ Desmos Snowflake Generator and turns them into beautiful snowflake magnets for students to keep.

Snow Day Prediction Calendar

calendar with question mark on it with snow in background.

If you teach in an area that has snow days, you might want to challenge students to predict when the first snow day of the year will be like Liz Mastalio.

Borax Snowflakes

borax snowflake ornaments

Christmas might be over, but winter is still the perfect time to make borax snowflakes. Pictures do not do these sparkly snowflakes justice!

More Winter Puzzles and Activities

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