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Writing Polynomials in Standard Form Foldable

This year I created a new writing polynomials in standard form graphic organizer and foldable for my Algebra 1 students to glue in their interactive notebooks.

Writing Polynomials in Standard Form Foldable

Then, we practiced taking polynomial expressions and writing them in standard form.

Writing Polynomials in Standard Form Foldable

I was a bit overambitious about how many examples we were going to get through. We ended up crossing out the last three example boxes.

Writing Polynomials in Standard Form Foldable

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Kelly Nelson

Tuesday 6th of November 2018

Do you have a template for the standards based grading? I am using SBG in my classes and was thinking about having one of these for each unit. Thanks!

Saturday 4th of August 2018

These are great. I've used your "naming" pages for a few years and my students have loved them. I too would love copies of these. Have you checked out the Polynomial Puzzlers on NCTM Illuminations? Good activity for this unit.


Friday 3rd of August 2018

Would you consider posting INB pages for all units? Your pages are awesome and l love how your notebook is set up but I wish I could see more of how it's organized and the pages for other units. Your stuff is amazing!


Wednesday 1st of August 2018

Can you post a link to the unit divider? I really like the top ten list!

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