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Perfect Squares List

Check out this free printable perfect squares list of each square number between 1 and 1024. This perfect squares chart is available as both a PDF and editable WORD document. 

This table of perfect squares will make the perfect addition to your math students’ collection of math reference charts. This printable contains each of the perfect square numbers between 1 and 1024. 

Perfect Square Table Version 1

The first version of this perfect squares chart features only the numerical value of each square number. 

Perfect Squares List

For my high school math classroom, I created a set of perfect square posters to hang on the wall for students to reference. These printable perfect square charts provide the same type of resource for students when they aren’t in my classroom.

This chart of perfect squares would be a great tool to help students while solving the Perfect Square Puzzle!

Perfect Square Table Version 2

The second version of the perfect square chart features the formulas for each square number. Instead of just telling you that 1024 is a perfect square, it will tell you that 32 squared is 1024. 

Perfect Squares List

This version of the perfect square table is a bit busier to look at, but it will better assist students when solving problems involving square roots. 

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