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Prime Factorization Foldable

This prime factorization foldable is one of my Algebra 1 students’ most-used resources throughout our radicals unit.

I was inspired to create this foldable after one of my eighth graders commented that it would be cool to have something in our notes that gave us every single prime factorization.

I took this idea and ran with it.  Kinda.  I did make them a table to glue in their notebooks for the prime factorization of the numbers between 1 and 100.

Prime Factorization Foldable

I typed the prime numbers in large print in shaded cells.  I typed the composite numbers in small print in unshaded cells.  This means students have room to write in the prime factorization when they find it.  Then, in the future, they can use the prime factorization for that number without making another birthday cake or factor tree.  

Inside of Prime Factorization Foldable.

As students find the prime factorization of various numbers, they add it to their foldable. Then they can use it throughout the rest of the unit.

Prime Factorization Foldable

Some of my students really took to this and eagerly worked on filling out each box after finishing their quiz.

Hopefully I haven’t made any mistakes when filling mine out.  I have to say that it came in handy when I was making answer keys for our adding and subtracting radicals quiz today!

Filled In Example of Prime Factorization Foldable