Multiplication Table 1-30

Looking for a free printable multiplication table 1-30 to use with your math students or as a helpful reference for yourself? Check out this free PDF download of a 1-30 multiplication chart.

multiplication table 1-30

I absolutely love sharing and using multiplication charts with my math students, and I want to make sure all you awesome teachers can do the same! That’s why I’ve created a bunch of free printable multiplication charts in different sizes and styles, so you can easily provide this valuable resource to your students, too.

Two Different PDF Versions of Multiplication Chart 1-30

For this printable 30×30 multiplication table, one of the printable PDFs has the perfect squares from 1 to 900 highlighted on the main diagonal of the multiplication grid. This use of color with a purpose helps students to easily navigate the multiplication chart.

multiplication chart 1-30 with perfect squares highlighted along diagonal

The other version of the 1-30 multiplication grid has the multiples of 5 and 10 highlighted throughout the multiplication table.

multiplication table 1-30 with multiples of 5 highlighted

I prefer this second version with the multiples of 5 and 10 highlighted since I think it helps you keep your place on the chart since it is so large.

Other Sizes of Multiplication Tables

Looking for a free printable multiplication table with more or less number values? I have created a number of different sizes of printable multiplication charts over the years.

I also have blank versions of many of these sizes of multiplication tables if you would like to have your students create their own multiplication tables or if you want to give them practice filling in a blank multiplication table.

blank multiplication charts

More Free Printable Multiplication Tables

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