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Times Tables 1-12

Many students will benefit from this free set of printable times tables 1-12 (PDF) in addition to a traditional multiplication table or multiplication chart. 

I have had such a positive response regarding the printable multiplication tables that I have posted here that I decided to create a times table printable featuring the times tables from 1 to 12. 

How can these Times Tables 1-12 be used? 

Students can reference these times tables to quickly look up multiplication facts while working on their math homework. 

Teachers could provide this reference chart for students to use to create their own flashcards to help them learn their multiplication facts.

free printable times tables 1-12 chart pdf

Parents can use this times table chart to quiz their students to help them learn their multiplication facts. Be sure to try to make this practice fun with lots of multiplication games instead of never-ending worksheets! 

Other Resources for Mastering Multiplication Facts

If you even more resources for helping your students master their multiplication facts, I offer a variety of printable multiplication tables that are both completed and ready to print as well as blank for students to fill out on their own.