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Engaging Probability Games and Activities

Looking for some fun ways to teach probability? Check out this collection of 9 engaging probability games and activities that are perfect for any unit on data analysis and probability.

probability games and activities with drawing of hand tossing dice in air

Probability Games for the Middle School or High School Classroom

When I first started teaching, the only way I knew to review probability with my students was to give them multiple-choice questions like they would likely see on the state test at the end of the year. These questions usually revolved around weather events or selling school raffle tickets. My students were not enthused. 

I decided to switch things up and have my students experience experimental probability and theoretical probability for themselves by having them participate in various probability games. These games are suitable for the middle school or high school classroom. I have even received emails from college math professors using these games with their students. 

Every student will enjoy embracing the excitement of chance and challenge as they explore the important concepts of theoretical and experimental probability. My goal is to share games that are easy to play, simple to explain, and use supplies that teachers already have in their classroom such as linking cubes, a deck of cards, or dice.


blocko probability game with linking cubes (or snap cubes)

This Blocko Probability game is a fun way to introduce the difference between experimental and theoretical probability to students.

I play the game with linking cubes with my students, but you could actually use any collection of small items.

Probability Bingo

Probability Bingo Game with Two Wooden Dice

Probability Bingo is not your typical bingo game! It is designed to help students build an understanding of probability by thinking through all of the possible combinations of colors that can be rolled. 

Students fill their bingo boards based on the color combinations they think will appear the most. The winner is the person who fills out their entire bingo board first.

Greedy Pig Dice Game

greedy pig dice game for practicing probability

I have been playing this greedy pig dice game with my students to practice probability since I learned it while student teaching!

All you need for this game is a set of dice!

Teaching Probability with Deal or No Deal

teaching probability with deal or no deal

Students will enjoy calculating probabilities while playing through a game of Deal or No Deal! So many different probability concepts can be discussed while you work through a simulation of the popular tv game show.

There are many other game shows that you could pull ideas from for other probability-based lessons. 

Left Center Right Game

left center right dice game for introducing probability

There is so much probability to explore with the Left Center Right Dice game. I love playing a few rounds of Left Center Right to kick off my probability units!

Probability Exploration Activities

When it comes to teaching probability, hands-on activities are the secret ingredient to making math lessons memorable and impactful. In this section, we’ll delve into a variety of engaging probability activities that you can seamlessly integrate into your middle or high school math curriculum.

These probability activities use easy-to-find supplies such as linking cubes, hex nuts, rope, and cardstock.

Mystery Box Probability Activity

mystery box probability activity

Can your students use their knowledge of probability to determine the contents of the mystery box using the relative frequency of the colors? 

Hex Nut Probability Activity

hex nut probability activity

All you need for this fun and engaging hex nut probability activity are hex nuts, empty soda bottles, and a plastic ring.

Probability with Cuboctahedrons

cuboctahedron probability activity

Your students will enjoy building cuboctahedrons and using them to explore a fun probability question!

Marriage Probability Activity

marriage probability activity

My high school students really enjoyed exploring the probability behind an old fable regarding the likelihood of getting married in the next year.