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11 Hands-On Scatter Plot Activities

Looking for fun, hands-on scatter plot activities? Here is a collection of 10 scatter plot activities I have used over the years with my algebra students.

Hopefully you will find some fun scatter plot ideas to use in your own math classroom!

Hands-On Scatter Plot Activities

Scatter Plot Activities

Mu0026M’s Scatter Plots Activity

Last week in Algebra 1, we completed a scatter plots activity with mu0026amp;m’s. The goal of this activity was for students to be able to find a line of best fit for a scatter plot and determine the type of correlation. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOf course, my students’ favorite part was eating the data afterwards!

Scatter Plot Activities

Starburst Scatterplot Activity

This starburst scatterplot activity ended up being one of my favorite activities of the year!

Scatter Plot Activities

Speedy Squares Activity for Quadratic Regression

I was so excited to discover this Speedy Squares Activity for practicing quadratic regression several years ago. I have used it successfully with my Algebra 2 classes in the past.

Scatter Plot Activities

Hula Hoop Scatterplot Activity

This hula hoop scatterplot activity gets students moving in math class while learning about how to create a scatterplot and use that scatterplot and linear regression to make predictions.

Scatter Plot Activities

Twizzlers Linear Regression Lab Activity

I learned about using twizzlers for linear regression from Tammy Ballard with Wake County Public Schools. I modified her activity to create my own twizzlers linear regression lab that met the needs of my specific group of Algebra 2 students.

Scatter Plot Activities

Types of Correlation Foldable

We made a types of correlation foldable to summarize the three different types of correlation that a scatter plot can have. We used a basic 3 door foldable template.

Scatter Plot Activities

Candy Grab Lab for Linear Regression

This Candy Grab Lab is one of my favorite ways to introduce students to the process of linear regression. In this activity, students determine if there is a mathematical relationship between a person’s handspan and the amount of candy they can grab at one time.

Scatter Plot Activities

Linear Regression Activity with the True Colors Personality Test

I want to share a linear regression activity I did with my Algebra 2 students to introduce the topic of regression. I combined linear regression with the True Colors Personality Test that I had originally wanted to do with my students at the beginning of the year.

Scatter Plot Activities

Bouncing Tennis Balls Linear Regression Lab

I learned about this bouncing tennis balls linear regression lab through the OGAP Common Core Training I attended this summer.  It is based on an Illuminations activity from NCTM.   Students are given a tennis ball to bounce for two minutes.

Scatter Plot Activities

Guessing Correlation Coefficient Game

This guessing correlation coefficient game was the perfect activity for my algebra students!

Scatter Plot Activities

Guess the Correlation Coefficient Blooket Game

Last year, I created a guess the correlation coefficient blooket game for my statistics students to play. If you’re not familiar with Blooket, it is very similar to Kahoot or Quizizz.