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8 Fun & Engaging Coordinate Plane Activities

Are you introducing or reviewing the coordinate plane with your students? Check out these 8 fun and engaging coordinate plane activities I have used over the years with my algebra students to introduce them to the cartesian plane.

coordinate plane activities.

Coordinate Plane Fly Swatter Game

photograph of flyswatter with text "flyswatter game: coordinate plane"

Combine a giant shower curtain coordinate plane with a couple of fly swatters for an engaging coordinate plane fly swatter game to practice graphing ordered pairs.

Fly Activity for Graphing Ordered Pairs

I created this fly activity to introduce my students to the history of the coordinate plane and give them much-needed practice graphing ordered pairs.

Parts of the Coordinate Plane Foldable

I was inspired by Ms. Haley and her wonder Journal Wizard blog to create a new and improved parts of the coordinate plane foldable!

DIY Shower Curtain Coordinate Plane

drawing of bathtub and shower curtain with words "diy shower curtain coordinate plane"

I want to share with you directions for creating my new favorite teaching tool – a shower curtain coordinate plane.

Parts of the Coordinate Plane Magnets

I created these parts of the coordinate plane magnets for my classroom, and I want to share the files with you so you can create your own set as well.

Graphing Ordered Pairs Graphic Organizer

I created this graphing ordered pairs graphic organizer to review the coordinate plane with my algebra students. I actually ended up using it with both my Algebra 1 and my Algebra 2 students.

Parts of the Coordinate Plane Graphic Organizer

parts of the coordinate plane graphic organizer

I created this parts of the coordinate plane graphic organizer a few years ago for my beginning of year Pre-Calculus review.

Coordinate Plane Foldable

I created this coordinate plane foldable for my Algebra 2 students to glue in their interactive notebooks. I used it as an opportunity to review key vocabulary terms that we would be using throughout the year while graphing equations.