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Halloween Math Activities

Looking for fun Halloween math activities? Check out this collection of Halloween-themed math lessons, puzzles, games, and activities that you can download and use instantly in your middle school or high school classroom.

halloween math activities

I had a lot of fun putting Halloween themed spin on some classic brainteasers to create some of these Halloween Puzzles that are suitable for use in elementary school, middle school, or high school math classrooms.

Hopefully this list gives you plenty of ideas for Halloween fun to share with your students.

Halloween Math Lessons

Halloween Mystery Tangram Puzzle and Coordinate Plane Graphing Activity

halloween mystery tangram puzzle and coordinate plane graphing activity

This Halloween Mystery Tangram Puzzle combines two favorite math activities into one. This printable Halloween puzzle will have students both practicing plotting ordered pairs on the coordinate plane and solving a fun tangram puzzle using the resulting outline from the plotted ordered pairs.

Halloween Candy Tax Lesson

photograph of candy on orange background with text of "halloween candy tax" 

This fun Halloween-themed analogy involving candy is the perfect way to introduce students to the concept of factoring out the greatest common factor of a polynomial.

Halloween Math Mistakes Activity

spiderweb clipart with text in corner: "halloween math mistakes."

Chris Luzniak shares a fun question he added to his quiz on Halloween: show the scariest math mistake you can make.

Pumpkin Scatterplot Project

photograph of pumpkin with scatterplot in background

Have students bring in their pumpkins after Halloween so you can do a great hands-on scatterplot project from Austintacious Mathematics. Is there a linear relationship between the circumference and weight of a pumpkin?

Candy Grab Lab for Linear Regression

candy grab lab for linear regression

In this fun candy-themed lesson, students use their math and investigation skills to figure out if there is a relationship between a person’s handspan and the amount of Halloween candy they can pick up at one time.

Pythagorean Theorem Math Costume

bee clipart with exponent of 2

Teaching the Pythagorean Theorem near Halloween? I have found the perfect costume for you!

Trick or Treat Venn Diagrams

venn diagram with text "trick or treat"

Are your students having trouble understanding the difference between OR and AND in a venn diagram? Check out these Trick or Treat Venn Diagrams.

Desmos Linear Graphing Haunted House Project

haunted house drawing on top of graph paper

Let your students put their linear graphing skills to the test by having them design a Haunted House in Desmos.

Wes Overton does a similar Desmos project he calls Halloween Houses.

Independent vs Dependent Variables: Ghosts in the Graveyard Game

clipart ghosts hovering above graveyard

Practice differentiating between independent and dependent variables with a fun game of Ghosts in the Graveyard.

The Ghosts in the Graveyard review game can be adapted for almost any math topic you can think of!

Practicing Calculus Vocabulary with Candy Graphs

clipart of scatterplot with two different lines

Chris Bolognese shares a nifty way to use Google Search Trends to produce graphs of how frequently people are searching for things like “candy.”

I love his suggestion of how to use these graphs to practice calculus vocabulary such as increasing/decreasing and concavity.

Would You Rather Task with Pumpkins and Coins

Would You Rather Task with Coins and Pumpkins.

Looking for a great thinking task? Check out this pumpkin-themed Would You Rather Task involving different sizes of pumpkins filled with various types of coins.

Halloween Puzzles for Middle School or High School

9 Pumpkins Puzzle

9 pumpkins puzzle in dry erase pocket for halloween

This 9 Pumpkins Puzzle is sure to provide your students a fun Halloween themed math challenge. Without lifting your pencil, draw 4 straight lines that pass through all nine of the pumpkins.

Pentominoes Jack-o’-Lantern Puzzle

pentominoes jackolantern puzzle for halloween

This jack-o’-lantern made from pentominoes is the perfect halloween puzzle for math class. In this math activity, students must work to arrange a standard set of twelve pentominoes to form a jack-o’-lantern.

Halloween Symbols Puzzle

halloween symbols puzzle

This Halloween Symbols Puzzle challenges students to arrange four cards so that various numbers of symbols are visible on each card. This is a fun Halloween-themed version of a classic playing card puzzle.

Bat Tangram Puzzle

bat tangram puzzle

October is the perfect time to challenge students with this bat tangram puzzle! Tangrams are one of my favorite puzzles to use in the math classroom.

Halloween Triples Puzzle

halloween triples puzzle cards with partial solution.

Bring some spooky fun to your classroom or party with this fun Halloween triples word puzzle. Can you reassemble the trios of letters to form words related to Halloween?

Halloween Games

Ghost Game

ghost game in dry erase pocket with three clipart ghosts drawn above

The Ghost Game is a fun two player game which involves coloring in or covering up ghosts arranged in a 5 x 5 grid. The player that colors in the last ghost loses.

Picking Pumpkins Game

picking pumpkins game in dry erase pocket with green dry erase marker next to it.

Looking for a quick game for the fall or Halloween season? Picking Pumpkins is a game for two players.

The game is easy to understand, quick to play, and full of mathematics to analyze. This game can be used anytime throughout the month of October. 

Halloween Art Projects

Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern Sliceform

pumpkin jackolantern sliceform math art

Turn a few sheets of orange cardstock into this jack-o-lantern sliceform using just a pair of scissors.

Sliceforms are models made from intersecting parallel planes which slot together to form a 3D shape which fold flat for storage. They are so fun to create and play with!

Miscellaneous Halloween Activities and Resources

Spherical Geometry with Pumpkins

pumpkin with math print on top

Chris Bolognese introduces his students to the field of spherical geometry by having them draw on top of pumpkins.

I sat through a similar lesson using balloons before, and my mind was BLOWN.

An Interesting Halloween Graph

question mark over halloween background

Did you know that child pedestrian fatalities spike on Halloween?

What calendar date would have the least fatalities?

There are so many things you could explore with your students with this graph.

Tombstone Project

clipart of tombstone with letters RIP and text "tombstone project" 

Get your students both embracing the spooky season and learning some math history with this fun tombstone project where they create tombstones for famous mathematicians.

Ideas for Department Halloween Costumes

drawing of expo marker on top of halloween background

Looking for a dress-up idea to involve your entire math department?

Trig or Treat?

trig or treat words surrounding a right triangle.

Teaching trig? I am so inspired by this Trig or Treat shirt shared by Burnside Math.

Imaginary Number Jack-o-lantern

jack o lantern with imaginary number radical -1 for eyes

What other creative ways could you incorporate math symbols into a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern? Burnside Math uses square root of -1 for the “i’s”

School-Wide Halloween Tradition

pumpkin clipart setting on top of stack of school books

Want to start a new tradition at your school? I absolutely love the idea shared by Allison Richards of having students decorate pumpkins to look like various teachers at the school.

I think my students would LOVE this!

I might have to make a paper-based version of this activity where students draw a jack-o-lantern design to represent various teachers.

Desmos Halloween Costumes

outline of person on halloween background

Casey shares a fun, quick Desmos slide where students have to design their own Halloween costume.

Halloween in Science Class

Physics Themed Halloween Costumes

skeleton costume in front of physics background

I was incredibly inspired by this collection of physics themed Halloween costumes by a college physics professor.

It makes me wonder – could we come up with a mathematical version of this?

Periodic Table of Pumpkins

stack of jackolanters wearing a witch hat in front of drawing of periodic table

I am super impressed by the dedication that went into creating a Periodic Table of Pumpkins!

More Halloween Puzzles, Games, & Activities