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5 Printable Halloween Math Activities

Looking for fun Halloween math activities? Check out these 5 free printable Halloween themed math activities and puzzles that you can download and use instantly in your classroom.

halloween math activities

I had a lot of fun putting Halloween themed spin on some classic brainteasers to create some of these Halloween Puzzles that are suitable for use in elementary school, middle school, or high school math classrooms.

Hopefully this list gives you plenty of ideas for Halloween fun to share with your students.

Halloween Math Activities and Puzzles

halloween math activities

9 Pumpkins Puzzle

This 9 Pumpkins Puzzle is sure to provide your students a fun Halloween themed math challenge. Without lifting your pencil, draw 4 straight lines that pass through all nine of the pumpkins.

halloween math activities

Halloween Mystery Tangram Puzzle

This Halloween Mystery Tangram Puzzle combines two favorite math activities into one. This printable Halloween puzzle will have students both practicing plotting ordered pairs on the coordinate plane and solving a fun tangram puzzle using the resulting outline from the plotted ordered pairs.

halloween math activities

Pentominoes Jack-o’-lantern Halloween Puzzle

This jack-o’-lantern made from pentominoes is the perfect halloween puzzle for math class. In this math activity, students must work to arrange a standard set of twelve pentominoes to form a jack-o’-lantern.

halloween math activities

Halloween Symbols Puzzle

This Halloween Symbols Puzzle challenges students to arrange four cards so that various numbers of symbols are visible on each card. This is a fun Halloween-themed version of a classic playing card puzzle.

halloween math activities

Bat Tangram Puzzle

October is the perfect time to challenge students with this bat tangram puzzle! Tangrams are one of my favorite puzzles to use in the math classroom.

More Halloween Puzzles

Xinwei Xue

Monday 7th of November 2022

Thank you for providing innovative math-related activities. Math can be anywhere. I always believe that students can engage more in mathematics classrooms if the course content is real-life related. Preparing the Halloween-related activities can give students fresh sights in knowing that math can also be presented in the celebration of Halloween.