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Monday Must Reads: Volume 72

It’s Monday yet again which means it’s time for Monday Must Reads! It’s the final Monday of the semester for me. This is the first time I’ve ever ended the semester midway through January instead of right before Christmas Break. It is weird. I should get to see students face-to-face tomorrow. Given that new COVID cases in Oklahoma reached an all-time high tomorrow, I’m not sure we will be back face-to-face for long.

Monday Must Reads

Virtual Stickers

I love this idea from Tracey Nesrallah of having students collect virtual stickers as prizes.

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Distance Learning Chemistry Lab

I am so inspired by the creativity of teachers as they are shifting their curriculums online in an unprecedented way. I really like this at home-chemistry lab idea from Jessica DesRoches.

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Sine and Cosine Curves with Fettuccine

Kay Kubena takes the traditional in-class spaghetti trig activity and shows that it can still be done via distance learning.

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Using Autodraw for Assessment Writing

Jennifer Fairbanks demonstrates that assessment writing doesn’t have to be boring. I also love Autodraw. I even used it to make my Monday Must Reads logo!

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Password Encryption with Matrices

Chris Bolognese shares a fun, real-world application of matrices.

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Continents and Cuisenaire Rods

Neil Hamilton inspires with this continent based Cuisenaire question.

PearDeck version of 5 x 5 Game

Alisha Zare shares a PearDeck version of Sara VanDerWerf’s 5 x 5 Game.

I really like her suggestions for adapting the game for elementary age students.

Polypad Pentomino Zoo

This pentomino zoo activity from Mathigon looks so fun! You can also check out my collection of free printable pentomino puzzle challenges for more pentomino fun!

Polypad Balance Scale

This balance scale activity from Mathigon looks FAB, too!

Fractal Cuts Book Recommendation

Through Mark Kaercher, I learned about an excellent book called Fractal Cuts. The Internet Archive’s Online Lending Library has a free copy available. You can check it out for 1 hour at a time. If it says it is unavailable to borrow, that means someone else currently has it checked out. You will need to check back later.

Function or Not Activity

Have some old scrapbook paper setting around? Cassandra Valenti shows how to use colored paper to increase engagement in your virtual classes.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Numbers

Ella Hereth shares an activity called “A Picture is Worth 1000 Numbers.”

Pythagorean Theorem Halloween Costume

John Calcagni shares an epic math halloween costume.

Thanksgiving Check-In Question

Mitch Meier shares a Thanksgiving-themed check-in question, complete with a slider!

Expo Marker Department Halloween Costume

Looking for a fun Halloween costume idea for your entire department? Check out this creative idea from Kim Estes.

Visual Patterns Project with Perimeter and Area Focus

I like this poster project from Mrs. Shea that has students creating visual patterns and examining the changes in their perimeter and area.

Desmos Check-In Screen

I really like this thoughtful check-in screen that Mrs. Shea uses at the end of her Desmos activities.

Never-Ending Delta Math Assignment

One last brilliant idea from Mrs. Shea – a neverending Delta Math review assignment.

Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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