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Monday Must Reads: Volume 25

Happy Monday! For me, this marks the first full week back of the semester, and I am excited! We only had one day last week, and I have to admit that I was dreading going back. Once kids got in my room and we started the 2018 Challenge, I was reminded just how much I LOVE this job.

Here are what I have deemed as this week’s must reads. I hope you enjoy reading through these ideas. There are actually two weeks worth of ideas here since I skipped a week of Monday Must Reads due to New Years.

Multiplication Chart Decor

For years, I’ve had thoughts of somehow putting up a giant multiplication chart as part of my classroom decor. I’ve never been able to figure out how to pull it off, though. So, I was super excited when I ran across this awesome picture shared by Tom Loud.

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Illustrating Systems of Equations with Linking Cubes

Kat Hendry shares a brilliant idea for using linking cubes that I’ve never seen before. Use them to illustrate systems of equations!

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Real Life System of Equations

Here’s another intriguing idea for teaching systems of equations from Mrs. Akgul. I like the idea of posing questions based on real life data. The article is here.

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Lake Erie Ice Data

I am looking forward to using this data provided by Math In The News when we get to scatterplots and regression.

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Mathematician Labels

Pam Wilson inspires with her mathematician table labels. I tried taping the labels to the tables this year, and it has been an utter failure. I’ll definitely be hanging table labels from the ceiling next year. I love the idea of exposing students to famous mathematical thinkers on a daily basis. Learn more about this idea on Pam’s blog!

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Handshake Problem Variation

Have you seen the adorable, viral video of the quadruplets taking turns hugging one another? Joe Karlovsky offers up an idea to turn this into a math problem.

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Elf Puzzle

I know Christmas is in the past, but I ran across some more Christmas themed puzzles on twitter, and I can’t not share them. Otherwise, how will I find them again for next Christmas. This Elf puzzle from Maths@ KPS looks fun!

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Candy Cane Puzzle

Here are some others from KPS Maths that also caught my eye.

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Christmas Chocolate Challenge

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Prime on a Lime Challenge

Here’s another idea from KPS Maths that can be used year round. I can see students really getting into this “Prime on a Lime” challenge. I would love to see what students came up with on their own!

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Pentomino Vector Puzzles

Teaching translations? You MUST check out this pentomino puzzle from Access Maths. You can download the puzzle here.

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Staff Shout-Outs

Liz Mastalio shares a shout-out she received from a coworker. I wish my school did things like this!

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Sequences Venn Diagram Task

OCR Maths shares an intriguing task that combines sequences and Venn Diagrams.

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Mathematician Bulletin Board

The SJB Numeracy Department shares a photo of a “Mathematician of the Term” on a bulletin board. LOVE it!

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Mathematicians of the Past Bulletin Board

Miss Hughes shares another inspiring bulletin board that features famous mathematicians.

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Snowman Puzzle

Another goodie from Miss Hughes – a fun problem involving the snowman language.

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Angle of Elevation Shadow Task

Nicole Miranda engages her students with a fun, hands-on angle of elevation task.

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5 Steps to Zero

Jerrold Wiebe poses an interesting task involving the numbers between 1 and 9. I can see this task leading to a lot of great math talk!

Image Source:

Visualizing Transformations on a Learning Carpet

I’m also jealous of this learning carpet!

Image Source:

Point of Confusion Post-It Notes

I LOVE this idea shared by Miss Davis where students have to self-identify their point of confusion.

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Dorm Room Design Coordinate Plane Challenge

Gina Bostwick gets her students thinking about college early with this dorm room design challenge.

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Representing Equations

Kent Haines posed a question on twitter that really caught my attention. How would you represent 2x + 3 = 17?

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Statistical Questions Card Sort

Teaching about statistical questions? Check out this awesome notebook page from Cheryl Leung!

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Linear Graphing with Smarties

Want to make your graphing lesson more hands-on? Karyn Jackson says just add smarties!

Image Source:

Pin the Tail on the Number Line

I also look forward to trying Karyn‘s idea of Pin the Tail on the Number Line in the future.

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Box and Whisker Plots on Lockers

Miss Gray brilliantly has her students use lockers to make box and whisker plots.

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Multiple Ways to Rationalize the Denominator

Benjamin Dickman recently blew my mind. How come nobody every told me that there were multiple ways to rationalize the denominator?!?

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Equations vs Inequalities

I’m super impressed with this thinking map created by Chris Depew‘s students to compare and contrast equations and inequalities.

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Box and Whisker Plot Weather Project

Check out this awesome data analysis task that is also from Chris Depew.

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Archaic Math Terms

Jo Morgan has written a very interesting blog post about words we no longer use in mathematics. I highly suggest reading it! I’ve flipped through some old math textbooks on my own recently, and I was blown away some of the vocabulary myself.

Chicken Wings Task

Joel Bezaire kicks off the new year with a fun task. I’m curious how my students would approach this.

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Factoring Matching Task

Susan Russo shares an interesting find in an old textbook. How would today’s students perform on this task?

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My Favorite Lesson

I love the “My Favorite…” blog structure that @druinok recently used to sum up her week. One of my goals for this new year is to be more intentional with how I use my time both in the classroom and at home. I would love to set goals and follow up on them each week/month/etc in this style. Check out the rest of the post here.

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Until next week, keep up the awesome idea sharing!

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