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Monday Must Reads: Volume 96

Today feels monumental for some reason. It’s the last Monday before Spring Break. The rest of the school year always seems to fly by after Spring Break, so it almost feels like this is the point in the school year where I’ve “made it.” I’ve survived another year of teaching.

The end of this school year will mark a decade of classroom teaching. Since I started blogging while student teaching, that means I’ve been writing about teaching math for over a decade. How is that even possible?

One of the best things I’ve done over my teaching career is to seek out ideas from other math(s) teachers around the world. I hope you’ll read on and check out my newest volume of Monday Must Reads – my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas shared by (mostly) math teachers on twitter!

Monday Must Reads.

Graphing Food Decay Activity

Check out this memorable lesson from Mr. Collier which involves decaying food and Desmos! Students select item & monitor it for 2 weeks. Students weigh item each day (using a scale that is accurate to two decimal places) then use that data to write their function to predict the next day’s weight. Items are covered with wrap during the process. Very interesting!

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Fractions and Decimals Open Middle Task

Will M Dunn shares a lovely open middle style problem involving fractions and decimals.

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Inspiring Desmos Skirt

I am blown away by this Desmos skirt that was hand-crafted by one of Nat Banting‘s students. Wow. Just wow.

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Notice and Wonder Hallway Display

Ashley Skiffington showcases a great way to incorporate Noticing/Wondering into your school culture!

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Interactive Math Wordle Display

If you are obsessed with Wordle, check out this interactive Math Wordle Display from Molly Owles.

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How to Create a WODB Activity

Have you ever wanted to create your own Which One Doesn’t Belong activity? Check out these step-by-step directions from mathwithmeMN.

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Linear Equation Sun Catchers

Solenne Abaziou shares some inspiring linear art created by her students.

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Peardeck Weekly Themes

Looking to infuse a bit of fun into your class? Sevdije Perezic does this by letting students pick a weekly theme.

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Pi Day Facts

Tracy Darbyshire uses Pi Day as an opportunity to share fun math facts with her students.

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Graphing Window Hack

Nicole Miller shares a clever teaching hack for anyone with a plethora of windows in their classroom. Tape graph paper on the outside of the windows to make it easy for students to create graphs on the glass with dry erase markers.

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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome teaching ideas!

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