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Monday Must Reads: Volume 73

Well, it’s Monday yet again which means it’s time for Volume 73 of Monday Must Reads. We’re out of school today for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Tomorrow starts semester 2, so I’ve officially survived an entire semester of teaching math during a pandemic. This is our first time finishing the semester in January, and let me just say that it feels weird. Very weird. We cancelled our semester tests due to the pandemic, so it made for an extra strange last week of the semester.

What is Monday Must Reads? It’s my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas I have seen shared by other (mostly) math teachers on twitter. Hopefully I will highlight at least one idea you missed that you can put to use in your own classroom soon!

Monday Must Reads Math = Love mathequalslove

Pi Day Bake Off

When the world returns to normal again, I think I want to try to do a Pi Day Bake Off Competition. Thanks to Westie’s Workshop for the idea!

pi day bake off competition
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Venn Diagram of Shapes

Have you ever seen this Venn Diagram of shapes? This would be fun to give students with a list of shapes they have to find! I also found this from Westie’s Workshop.

venn diagram geometry
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Desmos Shut the Box Game

Erick Lee shares a fabulous Desmos version of Shut the Box.

shut the box dice game desmos
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Simplifying Radicals Among Us Activity

Erick Lee also shares an Among Us activity that asks students to search for the impostor.

among us math game
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Illustrating Angles of Elevation and Depression Problems

Lesley Miller shares a lovely artistic activity for angles of elevation and depression.

angles of elevation and depression activity
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Gingerbread House Graphing Contest

Malia Heimbach wins the award for having the best neighbor in the world. I love the idea of giving ornaments for a prize.

gingerbread graphing contest ornaments
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Check out her students’ desmos gingerbread houses.

desmos gingerbread graphing contest
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A Puzzle A Day

Annie Perkins shares a VERY COOL daily puzzle.

A Puzzle A Day
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Math Term Anagrams

Louise shares some fun math anagrams.

Unscramble the Math Terms
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Percents Puzzle

Are you up for a challenge? Louise also shares a percents puzzle that she hasn’t been able to find a solution to. You can find the original SMILE task on Page 5 of this PDF.

Kaodoku Puzzle

Chris Smith shares a fun looking kaodoku puzzle!

Math Resource Packets for Distance Learning

Sarah Button shares some great strategies for helping students as they learn at home.

math resource packets for distance learning
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Probability Monsters

I also really like the idea of this Probability Monsters activity that Sarah Button shared. I remember doing a similar activity for genetics when I took biology in high school.

probability monsters
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Shrinky Dinks with Desmos Line Art

Kelsey O’Toole went above and beyond to mail students their shrinky dink desmos math art they created after they shifted to virtual learning. One of these days I’m finally going to do shrinky dinks with my classes. I’ve been thinking about it for YEARS.

shrinky dinks
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Santa Origami Instructions

Complete Maths shares how to do some Santa origami. Fun!

santa origami
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25 Days of Snowflakes

Mark Kaercher shares the results of his 25 days of snowflakes. Gorgeous!

Checkered Ornament Puzzle and Hot Cocoa Gifts

Mrs. Dill inspires by sending students home with a packet of hot cocoa and my checkered ornament puzzle to solve.

math puzzle with hot cocoa
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What Equations Can You Make?

Mr McGuire asks – what equations can you make?

equation puzzle
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Origami Wreath and Fractal Tree

Helen Saunders shares a beautiful origami wreath and a fractal Christmas tree. I’ve been getting back into origami lately, so I need to put this task on my calendar for December!

christmas math decorations for door
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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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