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Monday Must Reads: Volume 100

I can’t believe that this is the 100th volume of Monday Must Reads! It seems like just yesterday that I had the idea to start highlighting the awesome math ideas I saw being shared on twitter here on my blog.

Of course, it feels like just yesterday that I decided to even start writing a math teaching blog. This is currently year 11 in the classroom for me, and I started blogging while I was still studying education at university.

I hope you find an idea or two worth trying out in your own classroom from this 100th edition of Monday Must Reads!

Statistics Data Day

I love this idea shared by Mount Saint Charles School of having a “Data Day.”

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Organizing a Class Set of Calculators

Sarah Kolle shares a great teacher hack involving velcro to keep up with a class set of calculators.

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Random Grouping Cards

Looking to try out random grouping in your classroom? Check out these random grouping cards from Cononiah Watson.

Truchet Cubes

I’m definitely adding these truchet cubes to my to-do list! Thanks to Mark Kaercher for the inspiration!

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Pay Rates for Introducing Exponential Growth

I really like how Trevor Chalmers takes the classic example of various pay rates for introducing exponential growth and pairs it with an excellent visual!

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Interactive Math Puzzle Bulletin Boards

Becky Lindenmuth inspires with some interactive math puzzle bulletin boards!

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Trigonometry Backwards Thinking Task

Mr. Canning shares a great backwards-thinking task for right triangle trig!

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Museum of Periodic Trends

I really like how Alison Locke structured this chemistry activity as having students create their own “museum.”

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Parabolic Curve Christmas Activity

Looking for a mathematical Christmas activity? Check out this project from STAHS Maths Staff.

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Reverse Shading Systems of Inequalities

Shading systems of inequalities? Check out this reverse-shading approach from David Butler!

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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome math teaching ideas!

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