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Monday Must Reads: Volume 66

It’s Monday which means its time for Monday Must Reads! For my school, that means it’s a distance learning drill day. We are face-to-face Tuesday through Friday. Each Monday, we have a distance learning day to practice learning digitally in case we need to pivot to full-time distance learning.

I don’t know how those of you who are teaching virtually everyday are doing it. After six google meets in the span of three hours, I am exhausted. So kudos to those of you doing this everyday. I am in awe of you. You are amazing.

I should really be planning lessons for the rest of this week, but I decided to take a bit of a break to scroll through my twitter favorites from the last two-ish weeks. I hope you enjoy this new volume of Monday Must Reads.

It’s my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas shared by mostly math teachers with a few inspiring science teachers thrown in as well. I hope you find an idea worth using or adapting for your own classroom.

Monday Must Reads

Brownies in a Mug Mole Lab

I’ve really enjoyed scrolling through Shannon Fusina‘s twitter feed and seeing how she is modifying her chemistry classes for distance learning. I think we could all learn something from her and her creativity!

Shannon Fucina Tweet re: Reviewing Moles with Brownie Recipe
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Chemistry Photo Scavenger Hunt

I love this idea of having students find real-life examples of chemistry in their house and documenting it.

Shannon Fusina Tweet re: photo scavenger hunt in chemistry
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Chemistry Cooking Shows

How fun to have students put on their own cooking shows while exploring mixtures vs pure substances.

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Marginal and Conditional Distribution Activity

Julia Anker shares a Desmos Activity Builder that takes a look at real life IRS data.

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LinkedIn Puzzle

Tierney Kennedy shares a great math puzzle posted on LinkedIn of all places!

Image Source:

How Many Do You See?

Fawn Nguyen shares a best practice when working with students and visual patterns.

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Digital Sum Em Up Activity

Looking for a self-checking activity? Look no further than Farica Erwin‘s AMAZING Digital Sum Em Up Template!

Image Source:

1 to 9 Puzzle

Mark Kaercher shows how to incorporate @1to9puzzle into Desmos. Brilliant!

Image Source:

Getting to Know You Matching Activity

Miss Bohr shares a fun getting-to-know you activity. This could still be fun a few weeks into the school year!

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Desmos Check-In

Check out this great way to check in with students and provide extra help from Jessica Keen!

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Order of Operations Task

Interesting thoughts from David Butler regarding the order of operations…

Image Source:

Organizing Digital Resources

Mrs. B shares a way to organize digital resources. I know we can all use more organization right now.

Image Source:

Trig Quadrants Practice

I really like this focused trig practice from Chris McGrane.

Image Source:

Real Number System Maps Activity

Ella Hereth engages students with the real number system by having them draw their own maps.

Image Source:

Famous Mathematicians of the World Posters

Nathan Day shares some inspiring posters.

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Formulas with Sentence Strips

Austintacious Mathematicians shares an idea for using sentence strips in the math classroom.

Image Source:

Slope Dominoes Activity

I also really like this idea from Austintacious Mathematicians for using dominoes to practice finding slope between two points.

Image Source:

Domain and Range with Popsicle Sticks

And, why did I never think of using popsicle sticks for teaching domain and range?!?

Image Source:

Keep sharing those awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads

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Tuesday 6th of October 2020

this post is amazing for parents to help teach their kids at home! all of these are really great ideas for activities.

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