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Monday Must Reads: Volume 67

I’m excited for Monday Must Reads to be my first blog post since switching to my new domain name, If you’re reading this post via email or RSS, I encourage you to give the new site a visit! Hopefully, the improved navigation will make it much easier to find previous resources. I’m still tweaking and editing things, so if anyone has any suggestions for improving my site I would love to hear them.

Today I want to share a new volume of Monday Must Reads. Monday Must Reads is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazingness of other teachers on twitter. I hope you find their ideas as inspiring as I do! 

Monday Must Reads

How Math Teachers Celebrate Halloween

Halloween may be over, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year. Check out these math-y ideas from Burnsidemath.

Pumpkin Scatterplots

Have leftover pumpkins from Halloween decorating? Check out this data collection activity from Austintacious Mathematics.

Real and Imaginary Numbers Joke

Howie Hua shares a great joke involving real and imaginary numbers.

Mathematical Social Distancing Halloween Costumes

Jeff Dauphinais shares his department’s amazing social distancing costumes.

A Fun Halloween Tradition

Allison Richards shares a very cool Halloween tradition of decorating pumpkins to look like teachers in the school.

Periodic Table of Pumpkins

Kristen Fouss shares another awesome Halloween tradition: a periodic table of pumpkins!

Calculus Vocabulary Examples

Chris Bolognese shares a creative way to use Google Search Trends in calculus to practice vocabulary.

Building Box Plots in Distance Learning

Distance learning has brought out so much creativity in teachers. Check out this box plot idea from Kelly Anderson.

Self-Reflection Card Sort Activity

Cathy Yenca has shared some awesome distance learning ideas on her twitter account and blog. I especially like this self-reflecting card sort activity.

Nonogram Puzzles in Desmos

I’ve loved Nonogram or Paint by Number puzzles since I was introduced to them in one of my high school math classes. Mark Kaercher shares the brilliant idea to use the puzzles in Desmos with the sketch tool. Love it!

Trick or Treat Venn Diagrams

I’ve seen this trick or treat venn diagram shared by several people on twitter, but I first saw it shared by Liss Griffin.

Exponent Rules Error Analysis Task

Jack Assaf shares a lovely non-googleable task for exponent rules.

Conics Open Middle Tasks

Nolan Fossum shares some interesting looking open middle tasks for conic sections.

Error Analysis in Jamboard

Ryan Bowman shares a great way to use jamboard for error analysis.

Desmos Haunted Houses

Check out these haunted houses created by Mrs. Kaiser‘s students in Desmos. I love the idea to turn them into gingerbread houses for Christmas.

Desmos Halloween Costumes

Casey shares a great warm-up slide in Desmos where students create a halloween costume.

Until next time, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!  

Latest Monday Must Reads Posts

Jake Lee

Tuesday 10th of November 2020

I love all of the creativity all of these teachers are doing to help maintain an fun and friendly Halloween environment in the social distancing world. I think all of these assignments look really fun and creative. As a future teacher, I am embracing and enjoying the creativity that current teachers are doing in this time.