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Periodic Table Activities Collection

Check out these 12 fun and engaging periodic table activities I have used both with my physical science and chemistry classes over the years!

fun and engaging periodic table activities

Activities for Learning the Names and Symbols for the Elements

How Many Elements Can You Name Quiz

This quiz is perfect for the beginning of any unit on the periodic table. Test your students to see how many elements they can name!

Element Bingo Game

element bingo card with bowl of bingo chips 

My chemistry students are taking weekly element quizzes until we have the symbols of the first 36 elements memorized. A couple of weeks ago, we played a few rounds of Element Bingo to give them practice remembering the symbols for each element.

Element Quiz Generator

close-up of periodic table with text "element quiz generator" 

Want to give your students weekly element quizzes to test their knowledge of chemical symbols? Check out this template I made in excel to generate as many versions as you want!

Periodic Table License Plate Project

I recently assigned my physical science students a Periodic Table License Plate Project.

Understanding the Periodic Table

How the Periodic Table Really Looks Activity

what the periodic table really looks like activity

I created this How the Periodic Table Really Looks Activity a few years ago when I was teaching chemistry. I wanted my chemistry students to understand that our modern day periodic table is structured the way it is because we want it to print nicely and be easily readable.

How to Read the Periodic Table Poster

how to read the periodic table poster

I created this periodic table poster several years ago. I used it both when I taught physical science and chemistry. Click below for a free download!

How to Read the Periodic Table Foldable

Since my physical science students are working through their first chemistry unit, I created a foldable to summarize how to read the periodic table.

Periodic Table of the Elements Project

close-up of non-traditional periodic table with text "periodic table project" 

I was really inspired by this Periodic Table of the Elements Project I saw in a classroom while attending Ed Camp Tulsa. Periodic Table of the Elements Project Each student was assigned a different element to research.

Periodic Table of Mistakes Dry Erase Activity

text: periodic table of mistakes activity; image: periodic table with three red x's on it

At first glance, it looks like a regular periodic table, but there are actually 25 mistakes hidden within the table. Can you and your students find them all?

Comparing Elements using the Periodic Table

Elements Odd One Out Chemistry Activity

elements odd one out activity

I created this odd one out chemistry activity to give my students practice determining how the placement of an element on the periodic table tells us about how an element will likely behave.

Sweet 16 Periodic Table Tournament

basketball with tournament bracket in background with text "sweet 16 periodic table tournament" 

Which element will win the Periodic Table Tournament? My students had a blast with this activity!

Periodic Table War Game

colorful periodic table close-up with text of "periodic table war" 

I created this Periodic Table War game to give my students more practice becoming familiar with the periodic table.

More Activities for Teaching Science