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How Many Elements Can You Name Quiz

Just a quick post today to share a How Many Elements Can You Name Quiz I recently wrote for my chemistry class. It’s a quiz to see how many of the elements they already know before we delve into our study of the periodic table.

How many elements can you name?

I don’t expect my students to be able to name all 118 elements. Hello, I can’t even do that myself! But, I do want to emphasize to my students that there are 118 elements. The numbers are there only for students to keep track of how many they can remember. They do not need to know the atomic number for each element and place it correctly. Though, maybe the quiz could be used for this later in the year???

How Many Elements Can You Name Quiz


Friday 22nd of September 2017

There are lots of helpful quizzes for learning the elements and their position on the periodic table on Sporcle. If you create an account, you can keep track of your progress but you can also play forever without signing up.

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