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Hundreds Chart Printable

This 100s chart printable is a powerful tool to help young mathematicians build number sense as they discover number patterns in our base 10 number system. It is available to download in a convenient PDF format. 

What is a Hundreds Chart? 

A 100 chart is a visual representation consisting of a 10-by-10 grid displaying numbers from 1 to 100. Primarily utilized in elementary mathematics education, the hundreds chart serves as a helpful tool for teaching and learning numerical concepts.

printable 100s chart

Teachers who want to emphasize the number 0 might want to use a printable 0-99 chart instead of a 1-100 chart. 

As students get older, they might benefit from an extended number chart such as the 120 chart, 150 chart, or 200 chart

I have uploaded this 100 chart as both a PDF and the original, editable Publisher file in case you want to use it in your own classroom.

printable 1-100 chart

Why Use a 100s Chart in the Classroom? 

The 1-100 Chart serves as a valuable resource for practicing counting, skip counting, exploring number patterns, and performing various math operations. You can easily have students color-code numbers and look for patterns. 

What would the number chart look like if you used different colors for the even numbers and odd numbers? 

You could have middle school or high school students color code the composite and prime numbers on the number chart so they can have a reference for the rest of the school year. There are so many different reference sheets that students could create using these number charts. 

There are so many fun and creative ways to incorporate these printable number charts in your lesson plans. 

I recommend printing the number charts and placing them inside dry erase pockets or sheet protectors. Students can then write on them with a dry erase marker, and they can be used over and over again.


dry erase pockets

I cannot imagine teaching math without my dry erase pockets! They instantly make any activity more engaging and save me countless hours at the copy machine since I can use the same class sets of copies year after year.

Here are my current go-to recommendations:

  • 8.5 x 11 Inch Dry Erase Pockets from Puroma
  • 11 x 17 Inch Dry Erase Pockets from C-Line Products
  • Expo Dry Erase Markers

Blank 100s Chart

A blank hundreds chart is a perfect opportunity to help students practice their counting and place value skills while creating their own mathematical reference tool they can use for the entire rest of the school year.  

blank hundreds chart printable pdf.

I offer a free blank template of the hundreds chart that can be downloaded for free. The blank versions can be used to play a variety of different number games. 

Other Printable Number Charts 

I have created a wide variety of printable number charts over the years. I hope to continue adding to this collection.

Free Download of Hundreds Chart Printable

Hundred Chart (PDF) (17780 downloads )

Hundred Chart (Editable Publisher File ZIP) (2502 downloads )

I have also created a printable 0-99 chart and a blank hundreds chart that you might be interested in.

Need more numbers? Check out my 120 chart and blank 120 chart. I also have created 1-150 charts and 1-200 number charts.