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Count and Match Ten Frame Worksheets (1-10)

These count and match ten frame worksheets will give your learners plenty of practice counting and identifying the numbers 1-10. Choose between two different free printable ten frame worksheets in this PDF download.

count and match ten frames worksheets 1-10

My three-year old (almost four – how did that happen?!?) has been bring home lots of matching worksheets from daycare. He loves drawing the lines between the two columns to match various pictures.

Being a math teacher, I decided that I wanted to make him some count and match worksheets. After creating him a set of count and match worksheets with dice and the numbers 1-6, I decided to step up the difficulty a bit and make a set of worksheets with ten frames.

These definitely ended up being much more difficult than the Count and Match 1-6 Worksheets with Dice. My toddler was able to easily complete the dice counting worksheet on his own.

But this ten frame worksheet was a bit more overwhelming to him, and he definitely needed my assistance to stay focused on the task at hand.

This set of ten frames worksheets was made with my free ten frame clipart set.

Looking for more practice matching 10 frames with their corresponding numerals? I have also created a ten frames matching cards activity that you can download for free.


Count the number of dots in each ten frame. Draw a line connecting the ten frame to the number of dots represented on it.

Two Versions

In the first version of this count and match worksheet, I put the numbers 1-10 in order in the left column.

count and match ten frames worksheets 1-10

Then, to change things up a bit and make the activity a bit more difficult, I made a second version of the count and match worksheet with the numbers 1-10 scrambled in the left column.

count and match ten frames worksheets 1-10

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