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Double Angle Identities Joke Worksheet

Several years ago, I created a double angle identities joke worksheet as a promposal when one of my trig students wanted to ask another student in the class to prom. I shared the file, but it was really only useful if you had a student named Sam who wanted to ask another student to prom.

Still, I shared the file because I thought someone might want to take the worksheet and change the joke to something with a wider appeal and audience. As far as I know, no one ever did.

mathematical promposal double angle identities joke worksheet trig identities trigonometric

I ran across the file today while moving some things around on my blog, and I decided that I would dedicate a bit of my spare time on this digital Monday to editing the joke worksheet.

(We are virtual on Mondays and face-to-face Tuesday-Friday. Our Monday schedule involves Google Meets from 9-12:30 and time for PD and meeting with individual students as needed in the afternoons.)

I needed a joke whose punchline had exactly 10 distinct letters. It’s a good thing that I have an entire page of math jokes on my website to choose from! Luckily one of my favorite math jokes has 10 distinct letters in its punchline.

Why was the mathematician late for work?

It took me a little while to wrap my mind around how to change the joke worksheet to match my new joke. It ended up being much easier than I first expected.

Hopefully your students will enjoy this math pun as they get much-needed practice with their double angle identities!

double angle identities joke worksheet math trig identities trigonometric identities trigonometry

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