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9 Fun Exponent Rules Activities

Looking for the perfect activity to teach exponent rules or laws of exponents? Here are 9 exponent rules activities that I have used with my own math students over the years.

exponent rules activities

Activities for Practicing Exponent Rules

Exponent Rules Match-Up Activity

exponent rules match up activity

I ran across this exponent rule match-up activity from Maria Andersen. I thought it would make the perfect review activity for exponent rules for my Algebra 2 students. It turned out to be a fabulously engaging review activity!

Exponent Rules Review Game with ACT Questions and Distractors

photo of pencil bubbling in multiple choice answer with text "exponent rules activity with distractors"

I created this exponent rule review game to expose my students to actual ACT questions involving exponents from past released exams. This activity gives students a chance to play the role of exam writer by crafting tricky distractors for each question.

Exponent Rules Card Sort Activity and Karuta Game

exponent rules card sort activity

I have gone back to this exponent rule card sort activity and karuta game so many times over the years. I have used it with students ranging from Algebra 1 to Algebra 2 to Pre-Calculus. Students are always engaged when I pull this out of my filing cabinet!

Mmm Exponent Task and Card Sort Activity

three letter M's that look like they have been cut out of a newspaper

This lovely exponent task makes the perfect card sort to test if students actually understand the difference and meaning of exponents and coefficients.

Exponent Rules Review Game – The Game of Grudge

child's block with letter X with text "game of grudge exponent rules" 

Looking for a fun way to get students moving and reviewing exponent rules? Check out the Game of Grudge review game.

Notes and Foldables for Teaching Exponents

Negatives and Exponents Graphic Organizer

I find that students really struggle with negatives and exponents, so I made this graphic organizer for my Algebra 1 students to complete and glue in their interactive notebooks.

Exponent Rules Notes

Here are the exponent rules notes I used with my Algebra 2 students. We glued the list of exponent rules in our interactive notebooks.

Foldable Book of Exponent Rules

I want to share the foldable book of exponent rules we created in Algebra 1 to glue in our interactive notebooks. We made a “poof book” from a single sheet of copy paper.

Definition of an Exponent Foldable

This exponent foldable was inspired by To The Square Inch. I had my Algebra 1 students create an exponent problem of their choice. They had to illustrate it on their exponent foldable. We labeled the exponent, the base, and the power as our vocabulary words.