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Monday Must Reads: Volume 74

Happy Monday everyone! I’m back at it today on the blog with a new volume of Monday Must Reads, my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas of (mostly) math teachers on twitter. I hope you find at least one idea that inspires you in this week’s round-up.

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Decorating Plexiglass for the Holidays

Have plexiglass up in your classroom? Brianna Orozco shares an easy and fun way to decorate it for the holidays.

decorate plexiglass
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Giant Ten Frames

Jen M shares how Mrs. Summerer using plates for counters on a giant ten frame. Ideas like this kinda make me want to teach elementary school math…

ten frame
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Mathematical Haikus

These haikus from Mr. McCabe’s students are fabulous as well.

math haikus
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Circle Design Project

This student work from Mary Zastrow‘s Circle Project is impressive.

circle projects
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Which is a Square?

Ed Southall asks – Which of these are squares?

which is a square
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Displaying Origami Instructions

Mark Kaercher is making the best of not being able to use whiteboards by posting step-by-step origami instructions.

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Complex Fractions WODB

Mark also shares a lovely looking WODB problem involving complex fractions.

Thanksgiving Thank Yous

Elissa Miller shares a way she encouraged students to reach out to teachers and say thank you for Thanksgiving this past year.

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Right Triangle Trig Questions

I really like this twist on the traditional right triangle trig questions from jshm.

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Visualizing Multiplying Binomials

I’m sharing this image of methods for multiplying binomials from Dan Pearcy so I can find it again in the future. If you’ve read my blog, you know I adore the grid method (box method). I’ve never seen the tree method, though. Interesting!

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Creating Math Joke Activities with Jamboard

Nataly Riera shows how to use Jamboard to recreate a math joke worksheet. Clever!

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Desmos Skyscraper Puzzles

I love Skyscraper puzzles, but I haven’t found a way to do them this year since we aren’t allowed to share supplies or really even use manipulatives. Erick Lee has made an amazing Desmos Activity Builder version that looks super awesome.

skyscraper puzzle
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Arranging Logarithms Task

Becky Hall highlights a lovely logs task from UndergroundMath.

logarithms puzzle
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Emily Sliman even created a Desmos draggable version of the logs puzzle.

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Trick or Treat Error Analysis Activity

Melinda Lyon shares an fun practice/error analysis activity she calls “Trick or Treat.”

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Function Map

Debbie Hurtado shares a function map she created that was inspired by Hayley Cain.

function map
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Linear Functions Tic Tac Toe Activity

I really like this Tic Tac Toe structure from Rik Rowe for connecting different concepts related to linear functions.

linear functions
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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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