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Monday Must Reads: Volume 94

Happy Monday! It’s the first day of Thanksgiving Break for me, so it’s an extra happy Monday. So far today, I’ve used my extra time off to work on cleaning out our garage, hang up some Christmas decorations, get my booster shot, and write this blog post. I know I live an exciting life.

If you’re new around here, welcome! Monday Must Reads is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the brilliant ideas shared by other (mostly) math teachers on twitter. I enjoy highlighting these ideas that I want to hopefully someday use in my own classroom. Hopefully you can find an idea or two worth trying yourself!

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Desmos Christmas Door Decoration

Andre Sasser shares an epic Desmos door decoration for Christmas.

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Coded Triangle Artwork

Check out this awesome triangle artwork created by the students of Dan Anderson.

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3D Printed Keychains

How awesome are these 3D printed keychains created by two of Ella Hereth‘s students?!?

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Draw the Polynomial on Your Back Activity

Julia Anker inspires with a fun looking draw the polynomial on your back by asking questions activity. So creative!

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Quadratics Pumpkin Chunking Activity

This pumpkin chunking activity from Brandi Green to practice quadratics looks fun!

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Illustrating Data Displays with Post-Its

Doug shares how to make a great data display using post-its.

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Improper Fraction and Mixed Number Open Middle Task

Graeme Lachance shares a new open middle problem he created.

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Coordinate Plane Bingo

This coordinate plane bingo idea from Miss C looks super engaging!

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Snowflake Construction Activity

Love these snowflakes constructed by the students of Stephen Caviness using a compass and straight edge!

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Illustrating Fractions

Check out this lovely visual from txirimiri of different ways to show the fraction 4/4. Beautiful! This would make a lovely task to give students.

Until next time, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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