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Monday Must Reads: Volume 99

After quite a long hiatus, Monday Must Reads is back! This is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas shared by (mostly) math teachers on twitter. I hope you find an idea or two worth adapting for your own classroom!

How Many Pumpkins Conversation Starter

This image from Molly Rawding is a great conversation starter. You should definitely file this away for next fall!

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Creative Way to Approach Daily Objectives

I’ve never worked in a school district where I am required to post a daily objective, but I know that is a reality for quite a few teachers. I really like this photo from Melissa D with a different spin on daily objectives.

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Hexagon Door Decorations

Looking to add a pop of color to your classroom? Check out this project from Jennifer Fairbanks!

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Circumference and Area of Circles Open Middle Task

Attention Geometry Teachers! Check out this open middle problem from Tim Brzezinski.

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Picture Equation Puzzles

I love this idea from Maite Alejandre. She has printed and laminated a bunch of picture equation puzzles from the internet to use with early finishers or as an introduction to systems of equations.

Here’s a translation of the tweet courtesy of Google Translate: “I always carry these cards in my backpack. I use them on shifts, in class if they have finished work, and as introductory material for equations. I leave you the link to download it if you consider that it can be useful”

Tents and Trees Puzzles with Manipulatives

I have used tents and trees puzzles with my students before, but Shauna Burnie blew my mind when she showed an example of solving these puzzles with manipulatives!

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Life Sized Drag and Drop Lesson

Phonisha Hawkins features a life-sized drag and drop lesson featuring dry erase pockets. I absolutely love this idea!

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dry erase pockets

I cannot imagine teaching math without my dry erase pockets! They instantly make any activity more engaging and save me countless hours at the copy machine since I can use the same class sets of copies year after year.

Here are my current go-to recommendations:

Dry Erase Activity Structure

Jonathan shares a great structure for helping students work more effectively at white boards.

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Significant Figures Rounding Activity

Teaching significant figures? Check out this approach from Katy Dornbos.

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Until next week, keep sharing your awesome math teaching ideas!

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