Verifying Trig Identities Worksheet

I created this Verifying Trig Identities Worksheet for my Pre-Calculus students to have some extra practice during our unit on trigonometric identities.

verifying trig identities worksheet.

Students are asked to verify each trig identity. More specifically, they are to show that one side of the equation is equivalent to the other side of the equation. Students must show each step of the process.

The PDF worksheet features 10 different trig identities for students to verify.

verifying trig identities worksheet

I assigned my students this trig identities worksheet on the day after we completed the Trig Identities Matching Activity.

verifying trig identities worksheet

All of the problems on this worksheet were actually included in the matching activity, but students never realize they are the same since they are presented in a different format.

After all, there are only so many trigonometric identities that are easily manipulated by students at this level…

I usually find that my students struggle through the Trig Identities Matching Activity. By taking a day to do these problems on paper, students gain enough confidence working with trigonometric identities to be able to take on my Trig Identities Challenge Activity (one of my favorite Pre-Calculus activities ever).

If you are looking to give students extra practice with negative angle identities, I recommend also assigning the One or Negative One Trig Identities worksheet! I have also created a joke worksheet for working with Double Angle Identities.

Free PDF Download of Verifying Trig Identities Worksheet

Verifying Trig Identities Worksheet (PDF) (2730 downloads )

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