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Free Ten Frame Clipart

Looking for free ten frame clipart? I created this free collection of black and white ten frame clipart for each of the numbers from 0-10.

free ten frame clipart black and white

Now that my son is getting older, I have started creating math resources for him to complete at home. I wanted to create a counting activity involving ten frames, so I decided to create my own ten frame clip art to use while creating these resources.

free 0-10 ten frame clipart black and white

Hopefully, someone else will be able to use this ten frame clipart while creating their own resources.

Each clipart image is uploaded as a PNG file. The clipart images are compressed in a ZIP folder, so you will have to unzip the folder on your computer before using.

Want to see how I used this ten frames clipart? Check out my Count and Match Ten Frames Worksheet for 1-10. I also used this clipart to create a blank 10 frame template for dry erase pockets and a 10 frame matching activity.

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