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AP Calculus AB Unit Dividers

This is my first year teaching AP® Calculus AB, and I am really enjoying delving deep into an area of math that I haven’t really looked at or thought about much since completing my math degree.

ap calculus ab unit dividers for binders.

This year, I am following College Board’s AP® Calculus Course and Exam Description (CED) as my course syllabus, so I decided to make a set of eight unit dividers for my students to put in their binders.

Ap calculus ab unit 1 divider in binder.

Each divider corresponds with one of the eight units designed by College Board to cover all of the topics in AP Calc AB.

On each divider, I put the number of the unit, the name of the unit, and the percent of the AP Calculus AB exam which addresses that specific unit.

colorful ap calculus unit dividers.

I printed each of the unit dividers on a different color of paper. Seeing the rainbow of all of the dividers on my desk at once definitely made me smile.

Update October 2023: I have made a similar set of AP Precalculus Unit Dividers.


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