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AP Precalculus Unit Dividers

I created these AP® Precalculus Unit Dividers to help myself and my students get organized this year as we tackle the AP® Precalculus curriculum as laid out in the College Board Course and Exam Description.

ap precalculus unit divider in binder

I have my students maintain a binder full of our fill-in-the-blank guided notes that we complete throughout the year. I decided to make a set of colorful unit dividers for my students to use in their binders to help them stay organized.

stacks of ap precalculus unit dividers printed on 3 different colors of paper

Like last year’s set of 8 AP Calculus AB dividers, each divider matches one of the units specified in College Board’s AP® Precalculus Course and Exam Description (CED).

On each divider, I put the number of the unit, the name of the unit, and the percent of the AP® Precalculus exam which addresses that specific unit.

ap precalculus unit 1 divider in blue binder

I printed each of the unit dividers on a different color of paper. Silly me somehow printed Unit 1 on light yellow and Unit 2 on dark yellow paper. That wasn’t my smartest move…


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