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Monday Must Reads: Volume 71

It’s the Monday before Christmas, and I’m back today with Volume 71 of Monday Must Reads. This is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazing ideas I see shared by other math teachers on twitter. I hope you find these ideas as inspiring as I do.

Monday Must Reads Math Equals Love

Desmos Snowflake Magnets

Have you seen the awesome snowflake builder in Desmos Activity Builder? Eniola Ajayi stepped up the awesomeness a few more notches by creating magnets for each student with their snowflake creation. What a memorable and meaningful gift!

Function Composition Memes

Joanna Stevens shares some very clever function composition memes that her students created. Be sure to click through to the original tweet to see them all!

Digital Version of Reindeer Logic Puzzle

Tracey Nesrallah shares an cute, digital adaptation of the reindeer logic puzzle.

Trig Open Middle Task

Here’s a trigonometric open middle task from Tim Brzezinski.

Mathematical Elf on the Shelf Rhymes

Have you heard of the elf on the shelf rhyming memes? Jennifer Vibber has created some math versions to share. Be sure to check out her entire thread! You won’t be disappointed.

Jennifer Abel also got in on the math-y elf on the shelf fun.

Mathematical Snowflake Decorations

Liz Caffrey decorates with mathematical snowflakes.

Desmos Version of 5 x 5 Game

Kurt Salisbury has created a brilliant digital adaptation of Sara VanDerWerf’s 5 x 5 Game.

Conic Section Snowman

Austin James shares an awesome snowman made of conic sections. Great idea!

Calculus Roller Coaster Task

Chris Bolognese shares an excellent calculus-based roller coaster task.

Festive Polynomials or “Hollynomial”

Chris Smith puts a festive spin on polynomials.

Bell Curve Example

Jonathan Osters shares a great image of a bell curve.

Daily Attendance Question re: Flying

Are you doing daily attendance questions with distance learning? Check out this awesome question from CheesemonkeySF.

Interquartile Range Task

A lovely task involving quartiles and interquartile range from Miss Konstantine.

Scaffolding Trig Identities Task

I really like this trig identities task from Mr. Gray. I think my students would benefit from having to justify their steps when working with trig identities.

Zoom Elf Names

Looking to inject some festive spirit into your zoom calls? Check out this idea from Patty Iñiguez.

Lowest Number Wins Game

Fawn Nguyen shares a Desmos version of the lowest number wins game.

Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! Want even more ideas? I suggest checking out previous volumes of Monday Must Reads!

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